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“Conrad Murray is innocent.”

“Conrad Murray is innocent.”
– Tubbo & Dubba Tubba, authors of this post.

Yeah, that’s right, we’re siding with the underdog for once in our life.  We’ve recently been reading news stories on this “Conrad Murray” person; Michael Jackson’s doctor who apparently prescribed MJ the drugs he overdosed on.  And guys?  The man is innocent.

Now, we’re no lawyers.  We don’t pretend to be lawyers unless you piss us off.  We’ve even been mistaken as illiterate Republicans despite the fact that we’re obviously Third Party.  But this story was chocked full of so much BS that one voice of logic could send the whole things spiraling down.  We hope to be that voice.  At the very least, we want to be the misinformed voice of stupidity that makes everyone else angry.  We’ll take either one.

First off, we’d like to say that if Conrad Murray is convicted of anything, it might was well be euthanasia, because Michael Jackson was definitely in on it.  We’re aren’t sure if Michael wanted to die or if he just wanted to get high (we thought about changing the previous sentence so it didn’t rhyme because of the seriousness of the topic, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to delete such awesomness), but we are sure that this wasn’t just a “wrong prescription” as some are claiming.  When you get the wrong medicine prescribed to you, you usually wind up with a headache.  Severe cases may cases cause vomiting and badass craps.  You very rarely die, unless the mistake is so tremendous that it practically had to be intentional.

Now, we’re not trying to make this out to be a conspiracy or anything (the Government didn’t kill MJ and aliens weren’t involved, we promise).  It’s simple; the public wants a scapegoat, so the Media gives them one.  Conrad Murray is the easiest target, and now he’s facing criminal charges.  If the cost of entertainment these days are a man’s life (he’ll likely be in jail for 4 years, but his record is pretty much screwed; we’ll be shot down by the Mafia overlord before this poor chump becomes a doctor again), we certainly don’t want to take part in it.

And if MJ was taking illegal drugs prescribed by this guy (which seems to be what the Media is saying)?  We think the charges should be the same; euthanasia.  If you ask us (which you are) and excuse our political incorrectness (we now we should wait a few years before turning on MJ-fans but this can’t wait that long), Michael Jackson got what he deserved.  Whether he was taking drugs to kill himself or just get high, he got what was coming to him for messing with them in the first place.  If he didn’t get the prescription from Conrad Murray (assuming that’s what they were for in the first place; they’re are so many uncertainties in this matter, no fair court could possibly convict anyone . . . ‘sept maybe a Texas court), he would have gotten them from someone else.  We believe Michael should be held accountable for his actions; they shouldn’t be blamed on a clearly innocent man.  And as Michael Jackson is dead, this game of “who-can-we-blame” should be forgotten, at least by the courts.

Even when you look at it beyond a moral standpoint, it’s still Michael who ordered the drugs, still Michael who took the drugs, and still Michael who is dead.  Let the matter die with him.



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