Editor’s Note – read our About Page or go to hell.

We guarantee that if you have question, you won’t find the answer here!

Q.  Who are you?

A.  The name’s are Grey.  Tubbo and Dubba Tubba Grey.  But if you read our About Page like you were supposed to, you’d already know that, now wouldn’t you, chump?

Q.  Does anyone else work on this site / is everything on this site original?

A.  We’ve written all the articles, created all the pictures, and designed the site to an extent, all while using as little CSS as possible.  If you find material on other sites that is identical to our own, they stole it from us.  Hunt them down.  If their material came first, you probably found something we didn’t want you to find.  Please kill yourself so you can’t tell anyone about it.  Please.

Q. You’ve said that you guys share all the posts, but who actually writes them?

A. It’s pretty evenly distributed; Tubbo writes one one day, Dubba Tubba writes one the next, which is why it’s easier to just write them using words like “we” in place of “I” (and so forth) — it suggests that two people are writing them.  Of course, it’s kinda random, so it’s pretty hard to tell who actually writes which article.   Try figuring out if you can!  If it actually matters, we’ll tell you in that article.

Q.  I’ve noticed that sometimes older articles disappear, and there is no explanation!  What happened?

A.  Sometimes when we read our older posts, we don’t like what we see.  Whenever we’re less-than-fond of an older post, we just delete it.  We should be able to love every post on this site.  When we delete a post, we often try to make is seem like it was never there, so we won’t offer updates when this happens.

Q.  Can I make a donation?

A.  We like money!  BUT . . . By making a donation, you agree to the terms and conditions that we haven’t written yet.  We’re not going to hold our site hostage to donations.

If you really wanna donate solely out of the goodness in your heart (yeah right), sign up for a free WordPress account here.  Go to the upgrade portion on the sidebar (URL is https://YOU’RE-USERNAME-HERE.wordpress.com/wp-admin/paid-upgrades.php?page=wpcom-gifts), and follow the directions on the screen.  Make it out to to tubbotwins (where it asks for a username/email).  Any amount is welcome.


Q.  What are your policies regarding comments?

A.  Anyone can post a comment automatically without having to go through moderation (unless they use particularly foul language; we’re all for swearing, but too much is too much.  We get visitors as young as ten here.)  We then weed through the comments — after they’re posted — to delete the spam and reply to the rest.  We try to reply to every individual comment we get here at the Tubbo Site, and although it’s a bit unrealistic, we try.  It . . . kinda sucks, to be honest.

We won’t block you if you disagree with us, disagreeing is fine.  If you wanna argue with us about a post, that’s fine too; we love having a go at people who have “opinions,” regardless of how wrong their opinions are (and we’re obviously right; it says so on our homepage).  If you wanna be a dick, that’s even better.  Just remember that we aren’t held liable if you go into depression and/or kill your yourself after having your crap ruined by us.

Q.  Do you work on any other sites besides this one?

A.  We used to write at Legoless’s Site, but…  Well, you can read the details here.  Let’s just say we wont be doing that for a while.

Q. Why don’t you update your videos much anymore?

A.  Because they suck.  ‘Sept the Clay-a-mations starring us, which are too awesome to argue about.

Q.  Where do you live?

A. Our address is posted very obviously on our About page, so check there.  It would be stupid if we posted it on our FAQ!

Q. Is this the end of the FAQ’s?

A. Hell naw!

–The End–