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Shoot us an email so we can break in our delete key.  Just fill out your name, email, and website (optional), unless you’re a WordPress regular, in which case just type your BS up and hit “submit.”

Aren’t sure about contacting us?  You probably shouldn’t.  It’s dangerous.  Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?  C’mon, you’re better than that.  Well, your choice.  Read all the reasons why contacting us is stupid here.

We don’t understand why people don’t contact us more often.

Note – Commenting on this page was turned off after commenting on the rest of our posts was turned on.  It’s gone, get over it.


92 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Sup. Commenting is rocking the house of Tubbo once again!

    We’re making this comment so we don’t get twenty comments saying “1st comment, 1st comment!” We hate those things.

    We’ll delete any comment that says “2nd comment”, so don’t even try to be witty.

  2. Lol-ator

    cool site, dude.
    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: We know, but thanks anyway.

  3. hey this is a cool site tubbos u r so much cooleer than legolus that guy who is a nurd i visit 400000000 times a day i m glad u put commenting on i got u tuns of views i have subscribed liek 200 time under differunt emails i m ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!

    plz post!!!!!!!

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: That’s just a bit creepy… Why would you subscribe 200 times?

  4. Tubbos, I am sure you hacked my site. I expect WordPress to destroy your account and delete your site soon, as I have contacted them about getting my posts back.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: You’ll get an email back saying the person who hacked is some guy you never heard of.

    We didn’t even know we were Authors at your site at the time of the hacking, which makes us think this whole thing is a plot.

  5. Tubbo, I sincerely apologize. Someone framed you, and considering our flame wars and how angry you were, I believed it was you. Sorry.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: We can understand how you thought it was us. The hacker just had good timing. Hacking you in the middle of a flame war… We can see how we became a suspect. We do expect you to take down the “Tubbo Hacked Me” thing on your blog though.
    Has Support emailed you back yet? We emailed them to tell them we didn’t do it, but haven’t gotten a reply.

  6. I will take off the part Tubbo hacked me but I’m leaving all evidence of hacking and I hope we can be friends now I’m sorry I though it was you.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Yes, we suppose it’s alright now that you deleted the “(Tubbo)” part. Forgiven.

  7. Thanks by the way please don’t hack my site or guineapig’s if we get into another flame war as hacking is illegal

  8. I got a reply clearing you guys, saying that it wasn’t you who deleted the posts. No reply on who deleted the posts yet 😐

  9. Sorry I accused you first, It was because of the arguements we had, I kinda suspect legoless now, hes always on Gmail, but he isn’t today.

  10. I made a peace treaty site and added you to it tubbo

  11. you guys are kewl. kewler then lego. actually, maybe he was teh hacker…?

  12. THIS SITE IS AMAZING. I visit this place every day, OMG, I can’t get enough of this. ROCK ON!

  13. I found the hacker see guineapig’s site

  14. Oh dude, this site ia AMAZING.

  15. Guys, don’t tell anyone, but I’m the hacker :D.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Huh. Well… Good job, just don’t go after this site next. You’d be surprised how fast we could get you back.
    What’d you expect from us? Reproach? We never liked Guineapig anyway.

  16. Peg

    OMG POKESAV! You’re the hacker???

  17. Confession Fail.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: We know. Seriously, no remorse even!

  18. Peg

    ‘LOL, just don’t tell Legoless.’

    OMG! WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING! And then act so PROUD of it… I agree with Woof. Go stick your head in a toilet!

  19. CP\/xXx\/Life

    This site is really cool… I come here everyday!

    Pokesav, you suck!

  20. Dude, it’s not MY fault that Guineapig’s a fag! He deserved to be hacked… And I’d do it again in a second! You suck, CP\/xXx\/Life.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Fight, fight fight…

  21. Alright, first of all, no offence Tubbos, but CP/xXx/Life, but you and the Tubbos are the same person, I saw you shared the same IP Address. Not that I’m defending Pokesav, as WordPress is not support for crybabies, they will not baleet a site for “turning against people”

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Yep, we admit it- CP\/xXx\/Life is the same as the Tubbotwins.
    CPxXxLife was originally created for getting into Jamesbondo4’s site (that’s another story for another time). We’d pretend to be CPxXxLife so he’d add us. Once he added us, we’d delete the site, and CPxXxLife would be blamed. Too bad, but Jamesbondo4 noticed IP address just like you did.

    We thought we’d just use him now for the heck of it. For the record though, Pokesav DID make those comments. We didn’t edit them in the slightest.
    And can’t do anything about what we’re doing. As long as it’s nothing “illegal”, we can do anything we want on this site

  22. Well they can ban you for non-illegal things, just not “turning on everybody”

  23. Tubbo! I just found Pokesav admit he was the one who deleted the posts on another site he blogs on:
    You guys were right, those aren’t edits!!!

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: We’re not sure if that proves anything, but thanks anyway. Silly failures.

  24. TUBBOS
    Of course, being such poor sports, you changed the url, but still….

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Umm… What?

  25. I’d hack again in a minute! I’m gonna hack you next, Tubbo!

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Have fun with that.

  26. Peg

    Um, the link is strange…but is that true? Seriously.
    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: How would we lie about that? It’s a screenshot.

  27. Peg

    Nah, on Guineapig’s blog is says that he’s not. I mean, I can believe that you guys changed it. It’s the type of thing you guys would do. 🙄

  28. Hey, although you guys are annoying jerks, you have good taste in music for liking Weird Al :mrgreen:

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Yeah, and even though you’re an extremely nerdy weirdo, you have a good… Umm… Name?

  29. I honsly think you should see what I did so,
    QUIT YOUR JIBBA JABBING FOOL. And that who are we page I think you should add to it…

    Who are we, we are GITS!


    I hate you! BYE (GITS)
    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Ok then.

  30. By the way, in response to your latest post, all 3 big consoles right now have parental controls.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Whoa, look at that! It’s almost like we knew that the newer counsels have parental controls before we wrote that article! Crazy!
    We knew that they had parental controls, which is why we wrote the article in the first place. Besides, how would you know we wrote a new article the second it was written? Did you subscribe to us? Probably, knowing you. Creeper.
    By the way, that eye rolling thing is getting really old, so we deleted it from your comment. Try thinking of something new, eh?

  31. (I tried to be witty and clever here, but failed miserably, so the Tubbo’s blocked it.)

  32. (Again, I tried to be witty here, but once again failed. What is wrong with me?)

  33. Kloe

    “(I tried to be witty and clever here, but failed miserably, so the Tubbo’s blocked it.)
    (Again, I tried to be witty here, but once again failed. What is wrong with me?)”

  34. Lookie like you got some explaining to do,

    On my recent visit to see how suckish your newest posts were, I found this image. Ok, big deal its a “No-Connection” error. What intrests me is that you have “Penguin Lodge | ROCKHOPPER TRACKER” at the top.

    Hmmm, CP fanboys are we? Or no, just want to gloat at the losers? Gonna be hard to comeback from this one, eh?

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: “Your recent visit to see how suckish our newest posts are”? More like your daily visit to the site you obsessive you are. We wouldn’t be surprised if you were one of the 7000’s that subscribed to us.
    Anyway, for you accusations: The “ROCKHOPPER TRACKER” link you see at the top is actually a link to a fellow WordPress blog ( whom we support, even if we don’t like the topics they blog about. Mostly ’cause they have a crazy amount of views.
    As for the Penguin Lodge link you saw, if you ever went to the site, you’d know that they specialize in the hacking a of online games such as WOW and Maple Story and have NOTHING TO DO WITH CLUB PENGUIN. At all. And no, it isn’t or something stupid like that, the URL is different.
    We’d also like to point out that the details you noticed in the Screen Shot we took is VERY stalker-ish.

  35. Woof's Wii

    Excuses, Excuses. Admit it, your little kids trying your hardest to be “cool”. Either that or you have Aspergers Syndrome. Too big of a word? It means your advanced in something and totally suckish in about every thing else. You would be good at using computers, while being crap at socialising with other humans (hippos don’t count).

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Ok, what you call excuses, we call common sense, because it’s obviously true, and everyone (except maybe your friend/stalker Guineapig119) would agree with us.
    We think it’s much more likely that we have “Tubbogerous Syndrome”, where we are awesome (or, to use your word, advanced) in virtually everything except one thing. In our case, this would be sympathizing with complete idiots like yourself.
    So you consider nine-letter words “big” (a TEN letter word is “television”. Is that big to, idiot)? But you were right about one think: we aren’t good at “socialising”. In fact, we don’t even know what that means. Is that the same as “socializing”? Idiot.

  36. Actually it is. People spell differently in other countries. Apparantly the rulers of TubboLand (Population 2 and a hippo doll) can step over laws of literature to win a retarded argument.
    Yeah, this a bit too ‘tarded for me, enjoy your crappy sense of victory.

    Btw, to know what an idiot test is, you would have had to click on it. I bet your one of those people that click the “WIN NOW!” ad every time they see one.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Ever read our post “English Is The Only Language We Acknowledge”? Evidently not, as it would tell you what we think of you stupid foreigners. Of course, now that we think about it, that’s probably the only one of our articles you haven’t read. May we ask how you know about every new article we write the second it’s published? You really DID subscribe to us, didn’t you?

    You know, most people know it’s an Idiot Test without clicking on it by the way it says CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE IDIOT TEST in flashing letters. That’s just a little bit of a tip off, wouldn’t you agree? And as we’re typing this message on a computer (without any viruses, which is more than can probably said for yours), that would indicate that we haven’t clicked any “Win Now” ads… Your a failure.

    We noticed how you wrote that this argument is far too “tarded” for you, indicating that you wont come back to our site. Please take that promise as seriously as we are, and stop visiting this site. And if you could also cancel your subscription (and possibly format your computer), that would be great as well. Good-bye.

  37. Chelsea

    Guinea pig119 kicks butt!

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: So you go on a site which is CLEARLY an enemy of Guineapig119 and run around crazy yelling “Guineapig119 kicks butt”? How stupid ARE you?! We came very close to blocking this comment straight-away for blatant lies, but we decided that everyone has a right to say whatever they want, even if it’s the babblings of an idiot.

  38. GUINEAPIG!!!!

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Seriously man, what are you talking about?

  39. catfan12

    Gosh,what is Chelsea DOING!!!!!
    She/he is mad. As the Tubbos said:

    “So you go on a site which is CLEARLY an enemy of Guineapig119 and run around crazy yelling “Guineapig119 kicks butt”? How stupid ARE you?! We came very close to blocking this comment straight-away for blatant lies, but we decided that everyone has a right to say whatever they want, even if it’s the babblings of an idiot.”

  40. wao…ppl are idiots. not hippos. gosh.

  41. squirt-a-chu

    stupid chelsea.

  42. and, the widgets rock, but wont show on my site

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Which one(s) aren’t working?

  43. catfan12

    For the banner thing,I’ve decided to make my own.
    It’ll be on my site. Is that okay?

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: That’s fine if you’d rather make you’re own, but the pre-made banners are working now, so if you’d rather use ours, that’d be fine. Whichever you prefer.

  44. you’re just jealous!!!!!

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Jealous of what? The fact is, you came to OUR site making a comment TO US telling us that we’re jealous. If we were the ones who’re jealous, we would’ve went to your site making angry comments (we, of course, haven’t ever visited Chelsea’s surely horrible site), but it seems like it’s the other way around now, doesn’t it? What are you jealous of, Chelsea? Our amazing site? Our dashing charm? Or just the fact that it seems like people like us, when at the same time, they seem to hate you… Let’s face it Chelsea. We aren’t jealous. The only one whose jealous here is you.

  45. lol tubbos r better than u chels. get over it.

  46. catfan12

    *shoots Chelsea*

    One thing: Above the comment you put on my site about the place I put my banner ,in the moderation there was a comment saying “Tubbos suck”.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Cool.

  47. can u make some widgets for my site plz?

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: We don’t make custom banners/widgets for any site. You’ll have to make do with the widgets we’re offering already, although we do promise that we will continue adding more widgets to the collection.
    On a side note, the banner you’ve been using (“I’m a Tubbo. Are You?”) has been updated. Check for the new one and use whichever you prefer.

  48. Can I ask how this type of page is created. Pls answer back at my site, The Panic Button Blog. Btw, not to be rude, but aren’t most of ur banners knockoffs of our’s?

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: We made a reply to both of the points you made (the Page and the ripoff issue, which isn’t true), but they didn’t show up, so we think you may have blocked us or marked us as spam. Please check your filter.

  49. nice R rating

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Thanks. We thought it was a nice touch.

  50. um, yeah. ur new post is offending. im skinny, but im not anorexic. im vegetarian, but im not a hippie. i wear a lot of black, and im not emo.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Then our new post is a success. We tried to make it as offensive as possible. We also wanted a wide group of people (e.g. vegetarians, emos, etc.) to be offended.
    If you don’t like it or if you got your little feelings hurt, stop reading our posts.

  51. whatever. make fun of me, and i can just report you

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Ok, Dynamite11. Report us. We dare you.

  52. catfan12

    Hi Tubbos,

    Guineapig put me on his blogroll so if I stay on it and add you,he’ll take me off.I’ll put you back on again,and see what happens.(By the way,Friday the 13th is before Valentines Day,so there’ll be a little luck for you).


    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: So you’d rather be on Guineapig119’s time rather than ours? Ha! We honestly don’t care if we’re on your blogroll or not (we’re doing YOU a favor by allowing it in the first place) but know that you’re becoming a tool.

  53. lol sry about b4 i was just pissed off at u guys. im better now

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: That’s good, although we have to admit that we expected better of you. As we stated in our “About” page, this site is MEANT to offend people. But we suppose that you getting angry at us proves that the site is a success.

  54. Poser-n00bs 🙄

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: We’ve made several attempts at commenting on your worthless site (mostly to make fun of you, as you’re doing right now), but every time they’ve been moderated and spammed. Why should you be allowed to comment on our site if we can’t comment on yours? So, until you start taking our comments out of spam, think of this as your last comment on this site.
    At least you went out with a bang, right? What a sophisticated comment! “N00b”? How insightful! Everyone, what do you think of Guineapig119 now?
    And as long as you can’t make any comebacks, we’d like to say this: your site is completely pointless and all your fans secretly hate you. The only reason they continue to view your site is because they are waiting for the day when a new post comes out titled “I’m leaving this site, guys”.
    Go eye-roll yourself dead, we couldn’t care less. It just shows how desperate you are for insults, but can’t think of any so you settle for a the “:roll” emote.

  55. catfan12

    Hi Tubbo and Dubba Tubba,

    I’ll add you on my blogroll anyway,even if I’m taken off Guineapig’s blogroll.I MIGHT take him off mine too,since you don’t care.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Replied on site.

  56. Can I have a go?

    All people who pretend to be hippos, be rich and have a family are low lifeless nerds.

    Im a natural.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Where did this come from? Hit a nerve with the Guineapig119 impersonation, did we? Or maybe you saw the little owning we forced Matt and Jake into (who, by coincident, copied our style, although we suppose copying ones style is the sincerest form of flattery)?

    It seems to us that you’ve been using an argument that you’ve used about two dozen before in the past. How many times have you accused us of “pretending” to be rich and have a family (and how many times have we told you that we aren’t pretending)? You just can’t come up with any new materiel, can you? If you’re gonna come to our site for no reason and start an argument, at least make it a legitiment one, ok?

    All people named “woofmccol” are obese losers who lack the ability to make friends in real life, so are forced to settle for “Internet buddies” who secretly hate them anyway.

    Yeah, you’re a natural. A natural failure.

  57. catfan12

    All right,all right,I’ll do a picture of you,but I’ll email it to you. Ok?

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: We were just kidding.

  58. c’ngrats on the 10,000. w00t

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Yeah, thanks.

  59. catfan12

    Well,I did get the idea from the fact that you impersonate Guineapig199 all the time,so yeah.

  60. Hey on the post called ”WE hacked your so called club penguin”
    you said getting a beta hat is easy. Is it? cause i really want to get a beta hat that people can see. Can you plz email me and tell me how to get a beta hat? My email is

  61. planetcheese

    I like those minds working behind that computer. hahaha NERDS!

  62. hey i like totally forgot about this site and it looks like you did too hurr hurr

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: What are you talking about? We made a post about a week ago, and have another finished now- we’re just waiting to post it.

  63. kk so i herd you like paper mario on n64 amirite

  64. lolwut club penguin dude go play in traffic

  65. also:
    is win.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Thanks. Did it help you find your life partner? If so, congratulations. And yeah, we like Paper Mario 64. It’s a great game. Why do you ask?

  66. Guys take a compliment ffs.

    Also, I knew I heard Tubba somewhere until I remembered about Tubba Blubba in Paper Mario 64, Good times 🙂

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: The origins of Dubba Tubba’s name, revealed?? Nah, the name was picked out even before we played Super Mario 64, but the similarities are uncanny. Just as Tubba Blubba lost his heart (and may be a bit on the chunky side), Dubba Tubba was born without a heart… And may be a bit on the “chunky” side.
    We’re surprised anyone caught that, though.

  67. u guys r losers

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Thanks Guineapig. We love ‘ya.

  68. so you stole tubba blubbas heart.

    o ok

  69. Em/Emilylondon

    I have a friend from austrailia, she says you guys were big at her school… how do you subscribe? I’m more a youtube user…

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Well, we doubt you know anyone who goes to school with us… At any rate, you can subscribe by clicking here for free, or by clicking the “More…” link.

  70. Em/Emilylondon

    NO I mean at her school in Austrailia she says your blog was huge!

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Oh. Alright then. It’s nice to know wide communities enjoy the Official Tubbo Website. Tell all your friends about us!
    Also, did you manage to subscribe correctly? Any problems?

  71. Em/Emilylondon

    Yeah I managed to!

  72. Em/Emilylondon

    Man I reallly want a TUbbo and Dubba Tubba video game 😦
    you should actually make it!

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Dream on, kid. We weren’t sure if people would get the (dark) sarcasm in that article, but it was a joke. There isn’t gonna be a game.

  73. ha ha fag actually fell for that video game post


    awww cuteee

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: “Of all the things I am most fond
    It’s lounging in my favorite pond
    It keeps me from the mid-day heat
    A hippo’s life just can’t be beat!”
    Well, it’s true. Thanks for the compliment though.

  75. i think
    you are forgetting
    that your entire blog and username is centered around a ty plush beanie baby.

    but no you guys are too super col and macho for that. i get it now, ty copied you guys

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Exactly.

  76. Selective reading, much?

    or a 13 year old with an over large ego failing to detect sarcasm.

    Could be either, to be honest.

  77. hello there (:
    so even though you (or should it be you guys?) said some pretty harsh things about our site, yours is pretty cool. though i don’t understand the hippo thing and the incessant fights between you and other websites…

    to all of the other less than positive comments here: really? not trying to be offensive or anything, but the distastefully boring insults aren’t cool at all. amusing, yes, but only to a certain extent. it makes it harder to scroll through comments. /:

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Yeah, well starting trouble is what we do best. And most sites ask for it in the first place. Including your site; those caricatures annoyed us.

    The “hippo thing” is due to the fact that we are, of course, hippos. Read the “About Us” page for more details.

    And your comments on the fighting made no sense. According to you, our insults are “distastefully boring”, yet “amusing”… What? Contradiction much? And we don’t fight with sites for your amusement; it’s a matter of life and death. Sorry if you sprained your wrist scrolling through the 60 comments we have on this page.

  78. bella

    if you read i said to all of the “other.” as in the other people insulting you. /:
    so i don’t know how you got that… however, mistakes are human… or hippo. haha

  79. Ok, i have chosen my side. I pick the legoless/woof/guineapig side. buh bye tubbos.!

  80. dynamite11

    oya, if u delete, it just shows ur scared that they have more ppl on there side. (buckbuckbuckkaww, chikens)

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: How can you tell us we’re chickens for deleting a comment (which we didn’t; you’ll notice all the comments you’ve made are still here) when YOU deleted a comment we made on YOUR site just a week ago? Are you a hypocrite, or just a retard with a shockingly short memory? The only “chicken” here is you, and that trait, cowardness, is a compliment compared to what we COULD call you.
    We’ve never deleted a comment in the history of this site, and we don’t think you’re quite important enough for us to change that rule. You’re too insignificant. Too worthless. Too Dynamite.

    And you keep talking about sides as if a war is going on. You’ve joined Legoless’s side? For what? We haven’t talked to Legoless for about 6 months. Ooo Dynamite, you’re on the front-line . . . Of a war that stopped half a year ago. What a daredevil.

    We have to admit, however, that in most cases such as this, we’d be scared crapless. Honestly, we’re generally frightened by people who spell “chicken” wrong.

  81. it wasn’t even a war it was just a prissy fit of terrible flames and accusations.

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: You’re right, the insults and accusations were mediocre at best . . . on GuineaPig’s part.

  82. The name is dumb but the site is funny

    Tubbo & Dubba Tubba: Thanks, we suppose . . Hmm, Sssaam and the Panic Button won’t be happy about this, will they? That’s okay, there’s no shame in our forbidden, um, love.

  83. Cool site friends.