What do we really look like?

We’ve been getting emails asking, “what do you guys really look like?” enough to actually justify putting the question in our FAQ.  We were hesitant, at first, to post a real picture of us, mostly because it would make people jealous.  But then we remembered that we love making people jealous.  Other interests include making people unhappy, making people insecure, and making people angry.

 So today, as a rare treat, we’ll be posting a real picture of Dubba Tubba (maybe we’ll post one of Tubbo next time).

“Anyone wanna arm wrestle?” 

Yeah, we work out.  Sometimes.  Dubba Tubba’s triceps aren’t quite where he wants them, but you get the idea.

UPDATE – After posting this picture, hatemail has decreased by around 75%.  We should do this more often.



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17 responses to “What do we really look like?

  1. plattipieee;)

    maybe you guys should practice photoshopping before you try to post a picture of one of you. just a tip, you knoww;))

  2. Nope, no steroids, just good old fashioned weight-lifting.

  3. plattipieee;)

    oohh ok. srry bout before. but i would just love it if you told the truth, but i guess its not happening:))

    • Are you Sriemer? Pablo? Sam? We know you’re from the Panic Button, we just aren’t sure which crew member you are. Yet.

      We traced your IP Address after you made a third suspicious comment on our site, and you location was the same as the members of the Panic Button. So . . .

      Who are you? We’re putting our money on Seth.

      • No way! Seth is waay to cool to come here! It’s probably someone from their town, or, as you guys SHOULD know, they might use a proxy.
        So, as you can tell by what I’m suggesting, it might be some random person from a Webkinz blog trying to face up to you by changing their proxy and then using a Cedar Rapids location.
        And, if it were a PBMember, you did forget Cstarr and Jacob.

      • @Emily London

        Wow, you’re quite a creeper, aren’t you? Know more than a bit about Seth, don’t you? Have you forgotten that he’s only a character on the Internet? How cool can someone be when he has fans (that he made by running a blog. A BLOG.) who know where he (likely) lives? We know for a fact Seth visits our site, probably on a regular basis. But no, that’s impossible; Seth is way to cool for that. Obviously Seth is telepathic and knows what we post about by using magical powers he was granted with after a chance encounter with a wizard. Idiot . . .

        We aren’t sure if that particular commenter was Seth, but either way, Seth DOES visit often. He just has a different alias. YOU’RE Seth for all we know. God knows not many people would care enough to defend him.

        Freaky; you know every last TPM member’s name? And you still deny being creepy? We’re honestly frightened you even took the time to visit our site. We’re not on your “hunt-down-n-kill” list, are we? It’s alright if Sssaam is, but not us. Please don’t hurt us.

        And Proxy? Quit talking about things you don’t know crap about. If this person was using Proxy, we wouldn’t have been able to trace their IP Address in the first place. You try to act all smart like you know what you’re talking about, but all it takes is a shred of intelligence (and we have a hell of a lot more than a shred) to cut your tower of BS down to reveal the sniffling tweeny inside.

        P.S. Jacob’s a weird nerd who abandoned his fans (who are just as weird as he is), Pablo’s an illegal immigrant with the Swine Flu, and Seth is an incoherent virgin. Where are your god’s now?

  4. plattipieee;)

    uhh noo im a girl.but whatever, im done anways:)

  5. Mm Okay, First let’s settle some issues you have with your comment.
    1) I know their last names, because on the facebook page, they all added themselves as admins.
    2) I know what proxies are, in fact, I’m using a london one at the moment. So if you trace my address, you will find that apparently I live at a leisure center ( I almost do, I swim everyday) .
    3) Not a tween thank you very much, take away the ‘W’ and you guys, might have to spend a long time on it, and you’ll see that I am a teenager.
    4) Yes, I know Seth visits often, after you displayed Sam’s info, he wants to make sure you haven’t done it again, but with his or another TPB members information. You can never be too safe huh?
    So that’s it for correcting you right now, and, I don’t want this to start a flame war, so I don’t flame you, you don’t flame me.

    • Oh right, that picture, not half bad photoshopping, next time though, you might want to lighten your source picture before you crop it.

    • 1.) So you looked them up on Facebook. Creepy.

      2.) There’s a difference between the untraceable proxies and the normal, crappy ones that you’re using now. We were talking about the untraceable kind.

      3.) 10 years old doesn’t qualify for being a teen, sorry.

      4.) We’re the ones who gave him and Sam that advice in the first place.

      You aren’t worth starting a flame-war with. Even Sam had a few good insults, nerdy as they were. You . . . not so much.

    • plattipiee;)

      ok seriously, emily i will have to tell you to stop please cuz they don’t believe im a girl and its fine, cuz i know all of the tbp crew personaly and i dont play webkinz haha. its totally ok i dont care if they think im someone im not and its just getting out of hand. but thanks anywas:))

      and the facebook thing is kinda creepy too

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