Something Deep.

A stupid man who tried to be wise by asking questions thought to be “deep” once asked “if a tree falls in a forest while no one is there, does it make noise”?  Meaning, how can sound exist if no one is there to hear it?

It may sound deep before you think about it, but it really isn’t.  One side of the argument (we like to call it the “Liberal” side) likes to say that noise can’t exist without someone being there to hear it.  How can anyone prove it exists if no one is there to hear?  Simply put, they can’t.  At this, most Liberal’s conclude by saying “check and mate”.

The other side of the argument (one we like to call the “Conservative” side, otherwise known as the “correct” side) says that noise is noise, whether some idiot is there to witness it or not.  How can noise not exist?  Even though no one is there to hear it, it’s still there.  That’s like saying “if a fire burns down a building while no one is there, did the fire actually happen?”.  Thinking time!  Put on your thinking caps, everybody.  OF COURSE THE FIRE HAPPENED!  Why wouldn’t it?  Why does it matter if anyone was there or not?  Who came up with this question?  The only proof of the fire taking place are the scorched remains of the building!  And the same goes for the whole tree in the forest thing.  It matters not whether anyone hears the falling of the tree- it came down, no one heard it or cared about it, the end.

Tubbos: 1  Rhetorical Questions: 0

But we say who gives a crap either way–  SCHOOL’S ALMOST OUT, SUCKERS!


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