Note to Self.

Note: This post was made by Tubbo, not Dubba Tubba.

I (Tubbo) was sneaking around the house while Dubba Tubba wasn’t home (probably off extorting money from smaller kids or something), when I came across Dubba Tubba’s iPod Touch, something Dubba Tubba had probably extorted from the same kids he was threatening today.  Dubba Tubba took great pride in his stolen iPod Touch, which made me want to break it, but I decided to go through his private information first.  I looked in his photos (and found pictures of bombs and a few blueprints), his videos (found tutorials on making homemade bombs), his music (found songs by a popular rock group called the Bombers), and his Internet history (found FAQ’s on bombs.  …And the Fuzzy Bunny homepage), but I didn’t find anything “interesting” until I reached his “Notes” app.

As you probably already know, both Dubba Tubba and I have bad memories (I blame the “Brick Incident”), so there were obviously a lot of notes Dubba Tubba made.  Phone numbers, important dates, and kids he had promised to beat up were all some of the notes Dubba Tubba made to himself.  But I found a particular note I found interesting and would like to share with everyone.  Enjoy:

As soon as I finished reading that, I noticed a small slimy speck of something on the iPod screen.  I looked down and…  AHHHH!!!


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