The article we were gonna write (but forgot).

We were sitting around our 40-acre backyard, reading a very enticing book (Deadly Uses for Everyday Objects by J.K. Howling.  We recommend picking up a copy as soon as possible), when we had this amazing idea for a Tubbo article.  Oh man, it was awesome!  We had ideas for multiple pictures, several full paragraphs, and possibly even a new video to go with the post!  It would have been the greatest article known to hippos (and maybe man, unless you count those charming strip-joint reviews)!  However, just as we were walking over to the house so we could sketch out the idea for the article (we take our articles very seriously- most go through three rewrites before we are satisfied), we were overcome by a wave of sleepiness.  We knew that if we didn’t get out of the hot sun, we’d fall into a deep, and likely eternal, sleep!  Would we make it? 

Nope.  Although it turned out not to be eternal, and we didn’t have to get kissed by some creepy stalker/prince to be awakened, we had fallen asleep.  And when we woke up, we couldn’t remember anything about the amazing Tubbo post except the title.  It would’ve been called something like “Whacko Jacko and Mr. Bulldog’s Awesome Bone”.  Brr.  Just the name gives us shivers.

So, because of our laziness and inability to get to bed before 3:00 A.M., you’ll never read about Whacko Jacko, or how he managed to steal an awesome bone.  Instead, you got this crappy post and the fact that’ll you’ll never read the best post in the world rubbed in your ugly face.

We did remember what Whacko Jacko looked like though, so here’s a picture we spent about 10 seconds making.  Gosh, it would have been such a great post…


It has a body and mind of its own, but Whacko Jacko needs your soul.

Drooling for more whackiness?  Well tough crap, because that’s all you get.  You have our awful memory and your horrible upbringing to thank.  Next time, maybe you’ll pray harder that we don’t forget about articles we should be writing.


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