Am I sexy?

Hey, I (Tubbo, not Dubba Tubba) was just wondering if I was am sexy (even though I already know the answer).  I have included a picture (see below), and you all can judge me on a rating of one to ten.  Please rank according to looks, weight, and just general sexiness.  Please pay no attention to the fact that while I am an extremely (some may say extraordinarily) beautiful person on the outside, I am actually a backstabbing, shallow person at heart, and would have been made ugly if there was any justice in the world.  It’s God’s fault, not mine.  I also have absolutely no personality, and giggle at crude and unfunny jokes, but hey!  I’m hot, right?

You can give feedback here, as long as it’s nice feedback.  Don’t give me any negative comments.  In fact, how about we just focus on the good points of my figure?  I don’t want any truth, just compliments.  And before you ask, NO, I am NOT fishing for praise, I just want honest opinions.  As long as they’re flattering.

Actually, how about I give you a list of things to say to me, just to make sure you don’t screw up like you usually do.  You can either say:

A.) I’m the hottest person alive -perfect ten.

B.) I’m amazingly sexy -perfect ten.

or C.) I have awesome boobs -perfect ten.


Documented from the thousands of questions we’ve seen on Yahoo! Answers almost IDENTICAL to the sarcastic article you just read.


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