Led Zeppelin sucks.

That got your attention, did it now? Well, it’s only the truth. Led Zeppelin is, without a doubt, the worst rock band that ever existed (unless you count “the Beatles”, but they were just a talentless pop boy-band and don’t deserve the title “rock band”). We just can’t understand how people like Led Zeppelin, although we admit that we never understood idiots very well. Back in the ’70s when Zeppelin was around, all you had to do to become popular was play loud guitars and smoke weed and everyone automatically assumed you were great.

“Hey, check out this band called Led Zeppelin! They’re really loud and stuff, so it doesn’t matter that the music itself sucks! Plus, they do cocaine, and getting high is too cool for schooll!”

~One of the first Led Zeppelin fanboys.

People, Led Zeppelin really isn’t good. Get over them. We’d go as far as to say Fall Out Boy (band responsible for “Thnks fr th Mmrs”) are better than Led Zeppelin, and we hate Fall Out Boy. But even the worst of the worst modern bands out there today far exceed Led Zeppelin in instrumental talent, songwriting abilities, and if you wanna get technical, non-suck-itude.

It doesn’t help that shameless radio stations seem unable to resist playing Stairway To Heaven every half hour. That song has become the single most overplayed song in history. We could pull better lyrics out of our butts. In fact, we think we will. Ahh, that felt good.. What do you think of these lyrics: Stairway to Heaven, it ain’t no good. The Zeppelin of Led, we’d burst it, we would. A masterpiece is born. Why don’t those radio stations play that every other song? It’s about as worthless as Stairway to Heaven, isn’t it? We suppose it’s lacking something that Stairway to Heaven has acquired over time though… What our song needs is that annoyingly high-pitched voice Robert Plant had. Honestly, you’d have to almost try to sing that bad. If you can’t scream “melodically”, don’t scream at all. It only makes you sound like a girl. When we had our first experience with a Led Zeppelin song, besides being shocked at how horrible it was, we honestly though that the lead signer was a girl, although we’ve always had the suspicion that Mr. (or should we say Ms.) Plant was a woman in disguise.

You all probably heard about the so-called subliminal messages in some of Led Zeppelin’s songs, right? How Led Zeppelin is suddenly “satanic”? We aren’t as worried about exposing our children to “the dark horrors of Satan” by playing Zeppelin’s songs than we are of them clawing their ears until they bleed as the whiny vocals and awful riffs pierce they’re eardrums. Overprotective parents: You shouldn’t be worrying about the subliminal messages. You should be worrying about the abysmal-ness rubbing off on your kids.

It seems like any band formed in the ’70s (known as the “Golden Age” of music to Zeppelin nerds) are forever untouchable to music critics like ourselves. If anyone dares bash Led Zeppelin in the slightest, including admitting that they are anything less that fond of just one song, they are immediatly cussed out and screamed at by countless Zeppelin fanboys. Any band that happens to be average during the 70’s is risen to legendary status (although Led Zeppelin is by no means “average”- they are so much worse than that). And God forbid having a singer die- if a band member dies while the band is in progress (even if the causes of death are the band members own fault such as an O.D.), the band is automatically amazing, even if everyone knows they aren’t. Imagine what would have happened if a member of the Beatles had died!

We’ve had enough of Led Zeppelins awfulness, and we’ve had enough of the rabid fans who freak out over you not liking their favorite band- it’s not our fault their tastes in music suck. Get over the band- they are NOT GOOD. What don’t you get about that? Led Zeppelin was a crappy band playing crappy music. They had no good songs whatsoever, and anyone who says otherwise must either be an idiot or tonedeaf, although we won’t rule out the possibility of both. The one good thing about Led Zeppelin is that they’re career only lasted about 10 years, which is the best thing that could be said about anything related to the band. Of course, even 10 years is too much. If we had been born in the ’70s when Led Zeppelin was popular, we don’t think we’d have made it into the ’80s. In our humble opinion (very humble, that is), the words “good” and “Led Zeppelin” should never come together in a sentence, unless the sentence is “Led Zepplin aren’t good.”

And don’t get us started on Pink Floyd…

Angry that we reduced your pussy band to shambles? Whine here.




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  1. goodtalkjumpsuit

    classic. plus, it’s true. can’t lie, i think led, pink floyd and the beatles are all worthless. everytime i hear any of them I reach for the nearest razor.

    • Those are the three worst bands ever.

    • blizz

      well next time reach harder


      alright turd ferguson,
      you’re an incompetent retard who obviously has trouble recognizing great music just as you have trouble recognizing that letting trannys ram your asshole is still considered gay. Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all time and have paved the way for hundreds of musicians and their music. I’d be jealous of Plant and the rest of the group too if I were you, for getting all that pussy you’ll never get sitting at home dishing out your shitty opinion’s in articles such as this. have a nice fucking day, cum dumpster.


    • Michael

      I’m not going to lie, I can think of several songs I like from each band — for instance, I really enjoy the songs “Comfortably Numb,” “Immigrant Song,” and “Let it Be.” However, I agree: These bands (especially Led Zeppelin and The Beatles) are the most overrated bands in history.

    • Isabella

      The Beatles are amazing and they had very beautiful lyrics, harmonies, and melodies. The Beatles had the best lyrics of all time and their music was so inspiring. Led Zeppelin was AMAZING and Pink floyd was AMAZING too.

    • speedypete

      Hope one day you will find that razor in time.

  2. Thomas Giamarino

    listen u little fuck idk what kind of crack ur smoking but to talk about led zeppelin like that makes u a worthless little punk … ur prob some fat kid sitting at home with nothing better to do with ur life so u made this website … i swear to fucking god if i ever find out who you are and where u live i will come and tear ur fucking arms off, stick drum sticks in your god damn arm sockets and whip u until u can play moby dick u fucking cunt

    • FUCK Y'ALL


      • Flynn

        Ha it’s funny coz led Zeppelin are awesome and I’m 14, so obviously someone does want this ‘old shit’ here

      • You suck

        Zeppelin is better than the nigs you listen to. It sounds like a cat got fucked up the ass by you. Long live led zeppelin!

      • blizz

        clearly you have no taste for the goods. Led zeppelin is actually how you spell it its okay, i don’t expect an idiot like you to know how to spell considering your parents probably never taught you anything, especially what good music is. word of advice to you find the nearest cliff and take your poppy shit music with you!

      • Amadita De La Cruz

        YOU’RE* I accidentally put you.

    • THE ONE

      Dear moron,
      Let me explain to you WHY Led Zepplin is horrible. first of all, all of their songs are so repetetetive songs that are so boring, i never actually heard all of one song in one sitting. they sing so bad, I go to sleep half of the time. Stairway to heaven Sucked.

      • Spoon

        Their songs r repetitive?hahahaha, u obviously havent listened to them then u fucking tard. U dont have to like them butdont post ignorant untrue facts u stupid fuck. No 2 of their songs sound the same

      • blizz

        i understand that the songs last longer than your teeny bopper shit and that your A.D.D ass has the attention span of a goldfish but you have no idea what you are talking about saying that the songs Led Zeppelin sing are repetitive. what about the bullshit on the radios now a days that would be considered repetitive not a song that lasts 5+ minutes. on a side not i like how you start your rant on led zeppelin and the fact that you say “first of all” and then have nothing to follow it up with. soo for you i have the proper way to accomplish what you wanted to do: first of all you are the moron. Second of all, take a moment to sit down and listen to Led Zeppelin it will change your life. Number three, jimmy page is undoubtedly one of the greatest guitarists ever and robert plant is one of the best rock singers of all time.. and last but not least YES Stairway to heaven is overplayed but it is lyrical genius and if that is the only song you have heard you are a fucking idiot and are missing out on some of the best music you could ask for.

      • Goddammit

        Well maybe if you had the brain power to listen to more than the first ten seconds of the song you would learn that the song doesn’t repeat itself at all

  3. Mike

    exactly what Thomas just said.I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for that.

  4. Haha, excellent criticism, I massively hate Led Zep and their fans, pure sugarcoated Stadium Rock. I hate seeing Led Zeppelin fans in my school, they fucking bother me. And if you say that Zeppelin were not that good of a band, you get lashed at for saying led zeppelin suck in the nicest way possible. Hard rock must die

    • Tom

      All the people on here complaining about led zeppelin are complete dipshits. Led zeppelin is no doubt probably made the best music of all time. Sugarcoated? Are you kidding? Jimmy page is the best guitarist of history. Last fact im gonna state is? tell me your favorite band if therre rock. I guarantee you there influences have Led zeppelin in there list. Your a fag if you dont hard rock also. Your annoying little bitch who probably listens to Bieber.

      • Michael

        Are you kidding me? Jimmy Page the best guitarist in history? You’re delusional — or else just ignorant. To cure you of your ignorance I’ll give you a short list of guitar virtuosos that put Jim Page to shame: Paco De Lucia, Marty Friedman, Martin Tallstrom, Kiko Loureiro (listen to his song “Dream Circle”), John Williams (the guitarist, not the film composer), Al Di Meola, Johnny A, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc. The list goes on.

        Hope that helps. =)

    • Goddammit

      Woah, harsh words saying that a whole genre of music must die based on one guys opinion. Loads of people love hard rock and many of it’s bands have stood the test of time like led Zeppelin (which is more than you can say about modern “great artists”

  5. Bob

    Try listening to their fucking songs you fucking moron dick then do an honest review you cunt little minges who made this site. And zepp isn’t hard rock u fucking moron dani sexbat.

    • FUCK Y'ALL


      • Flynn

        You can’t lol your own comment it’s like laughing at yourown joke while everyone else just smiles awkwardly

      • THE ONE

        Dear moron,
        Let me explain to you WHY Led Zepplin is horrible. first of all, all of their songs are so repetetetive songs that are so boring, i never actually heard all of one song in one sitting. they sing so bad, I go to sleep half of the time. Stairway to heaven Sucked so bad, I fucking cried.

  6. goodtalkjumpsuit

    Thomas Giamarino! That was amazing. Who thinks of that stuff? Making idle threats over the internet, classic. Seriously, way to go. You’re a man among men, even if you do like Zepplin, a band which does, in fact, suck balls.

    • Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

      We’re trembling ’cause of him, man. Trembling.

      • Daniel

        You guys are both right. Led Zeppelin is highly overrated.
        And when all Zeppelin fanboys can say is “go suck a cock” because someone doesn’t like their favourite band, they’re obviously a bunch of immature losers. If someone insults David Crowder*Band (one of my faves), I can live with it. I’d disagree, of course, but I wouldn’t be so asinine to tell the author what some of the jerks commented above.
        So Mr. Author, whoever you are, you’re dead right. Good on you for fighting the Zeppelin-man.

      • Flynn

        Daniel, he can’t be right, as it is a matter of opinion, the reason we are expressing our opinion so violently is because you are not only insulting them but insulting us, so to revert to childish methods and say ‘they started insulting us first!’

      • Gary

        TUBBO & DUBBA TUBBA sound like some shitty izzly boys playin X-box and listening to shit-hop no talents all day.Get off of your cheeto lovin ,twizzler ass and get a fucking job.Do something meaningful for a change!

  7. Des

    When I read this, I actually laughed my ass off. How immature it is to bash someones music taste to such a degree. It’s really just stupid. Led Zeppelin is undeniably one of the most popular bands of all time. It almost seems like this was written just to stir up controversy and evoke a response from the fans of Led Zeppelin who happen to read this page.

    • Des

      I’d also like to add, like them or not, Led Zep, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd brought completely new concepts to music. Many of the modern guitar techniques you hear from your favorite bands probably stemmed from (or maybe even are identical to) the techniques first used by Zep, the Beatles, and Floyd.

      Deny it if you’d like, but if you know anything about music, you know it’s true.

      • Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

        Being influential doesn’t make you good. You could have the most influential band in the world, but if your music sucks, there isn’t any reason to listen to it. Led Zeppelin was an influential band — we admit it — but get this; this still sucked. Their music was either watered down blues or stolen Indian hymens that received no credit for their works.

        Influentially holds no relation to listenability.

      • Flynn

        You can’t say they suck! It’s a matter of opinion! Now go back to listening to hannah Montana and inwont judge you for that coz it’s a matter of opinion

    • Gary

      They are just miserable people talking BULLSHIT SMACK! They have to trash others in an attempt to feel good about themselves!

  8. all of you guys can suck my balls. go to hell zeppellin rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Vasco

    Oh My god. What a large load o bullshit from a fucktard who has no fucking clue about athe actual concepts of Music. Beatles , Floyd and Zepplin were the fuckin pioneers of music, they gave us so much.
    And to dirty motherfucker who said HArd Rock must die, here’s hopin you die a extemely painful and slow death. Go listen to the Jonas Brothers or whatever for Christs Sake.

  10. FUCK Y'ALL


    • Jimmy Page


    • Gary


    • Goddammit

      Man, the caps lock really made that comment didnt it? Man, I bet you thought you were a genius for coming up with that completely original idea. And I apologize for other fanboys of Zeppelin who have no right to say things like that (yet you negate it totally with your remarks) and most people on the Internet needs to grow up

  11. goodtalkjumpsuit

    To Vasco: in what way, shape or form have the Beatles, Zepplin or Pink Floyd influenced music? The Beatles were the early version of the Backstreet Boys, a band which, I’m pretty sure we can all agree, should’ve been taken out back and beaten before allowed on any music recording device. Zepplin, well, what do I say, there’s nothing good about them, unless you’re high, drunk and deaf… and you’ve been shot in the head. Don’t even get me started on Pink Floyd. Wow, synthesizers! I’m sure we all needed Lil’ Wayne get a record deal. Bling bling.
    No one here is saying it’s wrong for you to like them, but we are saying it’s bullshit if you just like them because 16-year-old girls like them. How would you feel if your teenage son loved Jesse McCartney 25 years from now? Boom. Roasted.

    • haha…HA….HAHAHA!!!

      Let me get this, you’re asking in what way the Beatles, Zeppelin or Pink Floyd influenced music? Are you deaf?

      Have you even listened to any of their bloody albums all the way through? I thought not. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band changed the music and radio landscape for YEARS to come. Listen to the White Album, and marvel at all the radically different genres they managed to reach out to. Not to mention all the albums are comprised of relatively Great music.

      Pink Floyd…. Dark Side of the Moon? Wish You Were Here? Need I say more? Classic progressive rock. If you don’t like Genesis or Jethro Tull, you’re probably not going to like Pink Floyd.

      Led Zeppelin… possibly one of the most hard core rock bands who didn’t need to be loud to be powerful.They were genius instrumentalists who, along with Black Sabbath, gave birth to hard rock and rock ‘n’ roll.

      I’d like to get an idea of what you anti-Floyd, Zep, Beatles douchebags think what ‘great’ music is.

      • goodtalkjumpsuit

        my bad for taking this long to get back to you, but I was douchbagging it up listening to ‘great’ music. Yes Mr. Jon B, Beatles = early version of the Backstreet Boys, man I bet that infuriates you, and I’m sorry for that. And what’s my idea of good music? Hmmmm. Good question, let’s see: Kevin Federline’s album was like 3 stars [out of 5], The Jonas Bros. are probably like 7 [again, out of 5] and I love, love, love, love, love Hannah Montana… it’s like “Oh my Gawd!” See, when people say those things, 50 years from now, when it’s retro and cool, they’ll be acting just like you are right now. The Beatles and Floyd and Zepp were pop artists and they blew just like these clown shoes. You think it’s retro and that listening to them makes your taste in music more distinct and introspective but in reality it doesn’t. Some girls cheered for them [because chicks dig musicians and not because chicks got their music] decades ago and dudes wanted to bang those girls so the dudes acted like they liked their music and you are the accident that happened on that one magical evening when one of those girls finally let your pop “get the goods” to “Dark Side of the Moon” or some awful shit like that. But for real, I love Federline. That dude is the Mozart of our time.

      • “You think it’s retro and that listening to them makes your taste in music more distinct and introspective but in reality it doesn’t.”

        I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had the ability to read my mind.

        Besides which, exactly how are The Jonas Brothers or that Montana clown going to be considered ‘classic’ in 50 or so years when they aren’t even half as big as the old bands were?

        You don’t know a thing about the music industry. Not a thing.

      • Flynn

        These people are the retro shit of our time? I’m pretty sure I’m younger than you and I love Zeppelin. I don’t know how much acid u have taken but try listening to Zeppelin again when your sober

      • Flynn

        Also Miley Cyrus won’t be popular by that time. Every decade has like 2 artists that stay extremely popular, for the 60s it was the beatles and the stones, the 70s was sex pistols and zep ad some other stuff too, and 90s was nirvana. Miley cyrus isn’t popular enough to, maybe the black eyed peas will, but hopefully it will be someone cooler than them like the white stripes

    • Flynn

      What music do you listen to? Well Im pretty sure all you listen to is a junkie emo cunt goin waah with a dumb voice and pretending life sucks. Led Zeppelin kick arse, and I hope you get hit by a bus you necrophiliac asshole

    • Gary

      The Beatles are and will always be 100 times better than that manufactered Backstreet band! WHAT A BUNCH OF MISERABLE THERE ARE HERE PISSED OFF AT THE WORLD.THEY KNOW THAT THEY ARE TALKING SHIT;THEY JUST WONT ADMIT IT!

    • Goddammit

      Well, I’m pretty sure Zeppelin, beatles and pink flyod haven’t influenced any bands you know. If you look in the right places you would find hundreds of bands influenced by these artists. Saying Zeppelin didn’t influence anyone cause no one on the charts are influenced by them is an incredibly narrow statement. Of course rap and pop aren’t influenced by rock

  12. Oh, and btw,

    “The Beatles were the early version of the Backstreet Boys”

    What are you? A mongoloid with no taste for rhythm or drugs?

  13. Mike

    I think that everyone forgot to mention that Jimmy Page is undoubtedly one of the best guitar players ever. Even my boy who hates Zep, Floyd and Beatles admits that Page is an amazing guitarist. To this day you have not seen anyone who can play the guitar with a violin bow, and yes he actually played the guitar well with said bow.

    • Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

      Just when we thought we respected someone who shares your last name, you go and ruin it with the last second. Your son’s a retard, although he’s not half as a bad as you are (wonder what that makes you?). Jimmy Page was an AVERAGE guitarist, nothing more, and it was only recently that he became regarded as anything better than average. We blame the Rolling Stone, Guitar Hero III fans, and the growing number of classic rock enthusiasts who refuse to a.) listen to anything that came after ’79 and b.) admit that the only reason their legends are remembered for being anything more than a junkie is because THE 70’S SUCKED MUSIC-WISE. We repeat (quote from our article): “Any band that happens to be average during the 70’s is risen to legendary status (although Led Zeppelin is by no means “average”- they are so much worse than that).”

      Jimmy Page never left the standard, worn blues scale. We both play guitar as well, so don’t act like your damn son’s ability to play the “A” chord somehow gives you the power to call Jimmy Page a good guitar. He’s not. Check out some classically trained guitarists (that’s CLASSICAL, not CLASSIC ROCK, stupid enthusiasts), then maybe you’ll understand that it takes more to be an adequate guitarist than following tired trends that add up to song ANYONE could play.

      P.S. It took us 10 minutes to learn Black Dog and 30 minutes to learn Stairway to Heaven. We only bothered to learn either to prove to our ex-friend Led Zeppelin sucks.

      • Big Joe

        Well woop dee do dipshit……..why don’t you try playin one of their harder songs like heartbraker or whole lotta love. Real men listen to zeppelin. only fags and fairies like the new shit.
        I’m 18 by the way

      • Gary

        You are probably like those people on “idol” who think they are the shit! Actually, you are probably a jelous punk that doesn’t play worth a shit!A legend in your own mind.

      • Goddammit

        Man your statement about the son playing just an a chord so that makes him incapable of judging a good guitarists cracked me up (not in a good way). Do you need to be a masterchef to say a meal sucked? No. Do you need to be the greatest movie director ever to say a movie sucked? No. Do I have to be a great blogger on the Internet to say this post sucked? No, and that’s exactly what I am saying

  14. Hey, so you know, I wrote a blog post entitled “Led Zeppelin Sucks” way back in March 2005. If you Google that topic, it’s the number one matching entry. Well over 230 comments. It’s here http://www.darsys.net/2005/03/why-led-zeppelin-sucks.html if you want to read it.

    You might want to read all the comments first (allow at least 30 minutes) before you jump in.

  15. goodtalkjumpsuit

    Jon B. My argument is thorough and succinct. If you really think by “you” I meant you, as Jon B. the individual and not “you” as in the informal, I shouldn’t have written my comment on a computer, I should’ve written in in Crayola Purple-Pink and mailed it to your kindergarten class. My argument contains what is called a “parody.” Not a Wierd Al parody, but a real world one champ. I am parodying the situation. Is the Backstreet Boys a great example, I don’t care. The point I was making related specifically to the fact that Led Zeppfag is and always will be nothing more than a “fad” band, a tradition carried on by other ear raping musicians such as the Backstreet Boys with their boy band flavor.

    • -My argument contains what is called a “parody.”-

      Ah, that’s good. I guess it’s safe to assume we can all dismiss your argument as being completely nonsensical then.

      But aren’t parodies supposed to be witty?

  16. goodtalkjumpsuit

    1. it seems like you’re calling parodies nonsensical which is, in itself, nonsensical.
    2. parodies aren’t “supposed to be witty” they’re supposed to be relational. you’re thinking of Wierd Al which doesn’t surprise me at all, in fact, it’s why I wrote in my earlier post that I wasn’t talking about the Wierd Al kind and then referred to you as “champ.”
    3. I really thought I gave you a chance to crush me and you missed the opportunity. I gave you an easy one on purpose and you just whiffed.
    4. Instead of hitting the obvious mistake, you went with an “assumption” which, by it’s very nature, is nonsensical, making your retort the very thing you believed my argument to be. I know… it’s a conundrum. But don’t you worry Jon B., I’ll get right to work pondering that one.

  17. You know, I’m not the first person to appreciate good comic timing or the gratification of satirical internet humour.

    But with such an argument as this, I don’t really think it pays for you to be turning to parody, because it’s rather difficult for me to interpret sarcasm over the internet when all I’m receiving is -written text-.

    Now I apologize if I misunderstood you, but perhaps it would be wise that you stop wasting time trying to exercise your sardonic attitude in long drawn out paragraphs, while you try to make a point that I do not care about.

    “you’re thinking of Wierd Al”

    The attraction of Weird Al is that he retains a tongue in cheek style of humorous approach and doesn’t resort to smart-assing his way out of an argument when it doesn’t go as he pleases.

  18. Besides which… I keep failing to see any ‘parody’ in what you have written.

    What I’m seeing is an arrogant SOB who needs a smack in the teeth.

  19. goodtalkjumpsuit

    awesome jon b. just plain awesome. resort to idle threats, or claims thereof, over the internet after making a claim about how the internet is a poor substitute for real world interactions. seriously, that was b-e-a-utiful. and it’s not arrogance, it’s conviction in a different way of seeing things. But I guess it’s hard to tell tone or inflextion over the internet. And you know that because that was your argument, right? Contradiction, thy name is _______. Good talk though.

    • “But I guess it’s hard to tell tone or inflextion over the internet. And you know that because that was your argument, right?”

      Yes it is, that’s why I’m having trouble telling whether you’re just an idiot or a bastard-child with computer access.

    • whowasphone

      I thought it was only 17 year old kids, hounding forums; who attempted to troll?

  20. No no, there is a difference between good sarcasm and ‘being an asshole’. It’s much easier to tell when someone is being a prick then when they are… I don’t know, dicking around with silly analogies like yourself.

    I can see your trying to be the hip, uncaring, original guy here in the comments section. Led Zeppelin is nothing more than a passing fad worn on t shirts by 14 year old girls. Nothing more (rolls eyes).

    Maybe you need to unpluck that thumb from within your ass and realize that they were artists in the truest sense of the word, recognized for the influence they had on the music landscape and latter day artists. If you can’t appreciate that and can only see things through the bullshit views that people hold today, then that’s your own problem. Take it up with the posers, not the fans.

    “resort to idle threats, or claims thereof, over the internet after making a claim about how the internet is a poor substitute for real world interactions.”

    It’s just my way of saying that your words annoy me. Forgive me, I’m flawed.

  21. goodtalkjumpsuit

    1. you wrote “I can see your trying to be hip…” It’s spelled “you’re” not “your.” Spelling is easier to tell over the internet than the inflexion issue we both agree on.
    2. I’m not surprised my words annoy you. I don’t like the same music you like. As a Zepplin fan, for some reason, this drives you up a wall. Do I get why? Nope. But it does and that’s why this is as entertaining as it is for not only me, but probably for you too.
    3. Why is something a “bullshit view” just because it doesn’t coincide with your p.o.v? Dude, I dig country music. I get trashed all the time for my taste in music. Just because folks don’t like it doesn’t mean their taste is bullshit, it just means they don’t like the shit I like.
    If I got pissed everytime someone told me that George Strait sucked, I’d have line my room with rubber walls. But I just don’t care what other folks think.
    4. This is where Beatles and Zepp and Floyd fans differ. You all want to say that one of those bands HAD to have some influence on the masses greater than or equal to the Big Bang. And just saying it isn’t enough. You have to have people agree with you on the subject. And when people say, ‘nope, that shit is gay’ about your superhero bands, you get pissed off.
    5. Now you’re going to deny that right there, but the fact that you’re reading it proves that it’s true and that’s fine.
    6. “idiot or a bastard-child with computer access”… Really? That’s it? Those are the only two options left? Ouch.

    • 1. Nice. Singling out a typo. Real effective argument.

      2. It’s not the fact that you don’t LIKE Led Zeppelin that annoys me (Nothing wrong with that). It’s just that you seem to enjoy insulting them or proving that they were bad musicians.

      3. See Number 2 (I like Country Music as well. Can’t we all just get along?)

      4. Whether you believe it or not, Led Zeppelin were huge. FACT. And they still have been.

      5. Arrogant, much?

      6. Hey man, I try.

      • goodtalkjumpsuit

        1. That’s a grammar argument, not a typo. A typo would’ve been “ther’re” or “thye’re” or something like that.

        2. It’s a fun discussion because it’s one of those bands that people just can’t seem to just say, “okay” with, whenever someone says they blow.

        3. Sweet dude, for real. G.S. is a King. Just because we disagree on this doesn’t mean we wouldn’t get along. I’m one of those guys who doesn’t dislike someone just cause they don’t agree with me on some shit. When it boils down to it, opinions are always just someone spewing out their own bullshit.

        4. I never said Zepplin weren’t huge, I just said I don’t think their music is worth a damn. Again, it doesn’t mean I’m right, but since it’s my OPINION, it sure as hell does mean I’m not wrong.

        5. Come on, that wasn’t arrogant. You care and that’s fine.

        6. I’ve come to expect more from you.

  22. the wes

    ok so if led zeppelin sucks who is a good band?

    • Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

      We can tell the only genre your close-minded head appreciates is rock by the way you phrased your question. Band? Does it have to be a band to be good? Do the names Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis ring any bells? What about Bach or Mozart? Or if it has to have guitars (Jimmy Page didn’t deserve to hold one), maybe Robert Johnson? John Williams? Django Reinhardt?? The man had two fucking fingers and he STILL played at least 10x better than Jimmy Page on a good day.

      • Goddammit

        This is not trying to attack you or anything, but what gives you the right to deem that Jimmy page doesn’t deserve to hold an electric guitar? I can say that Jimi Hendrix doesn’t deserve to look at a guitar and it would be doing the same injustice (not saying that Jimi Hendrix doesn’t deserve to look at a guitar. If anyone deserves it, it is him).

  23. Flynn

    Shut up! Tell me what shit you listen to and I’ll tell you what the fucks wrong with it! You can’t go around dissing the beatles and led Zeppelin, and they are two of the greatest bands ever! So go back to listening to the whiny shit you call music and reply when you grow some balls and realize how awesome they are

  24. Flynn

    You keeping calling the beatles a 60s boy band. What you obvuously don’t known is the definition of a boyband. Boybands are bands which a made up of male singers with no instruments other than their vocal chords. The beatles had John lennon, who was the best singer/ songwriter/ gutair plater ever. Already we have one instrument proving the ‘boy band’ theory wrong. But the instruments don’t stop there, but are followed by drums a bass and lead gutair. That’s not a boyband, that’s a rock and roll band, and if you compare the beatles or led Zeppelin to the hip hop shit around today again, I may have to kill you

  25. Flynn

    Also did you ever notice how rock made it through all other genres? It may have split into sub genres for a while, but it’s always consistently popular, abd soon it will crush the hip hop shit you call music

    • Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

      1) does being popular make it good? Which brings us to two…
      2) rap is popular right now, just like rock. Does that mean rap is good, too?
      3) no, we DON’T like rap, retard. Way to be presumptuous fail.

      • Goddammit

        Man, that is an incredibly narrow-minded thing to say. Not ALL rap sucks, but not all rap is good either. Same with any genre, rock included. And then there are always those who go against whatevers popular now, just cause it’s popular. Led Zeppelin has had a resurgence in popularity due to celebration day so some people decide to nitpick at a currently popular band just cause

  26. Flynn

    My last comment for a while, lust feel like adding the lyrics to one of the best songs

    There’s a lady who’s sure
    All that glitters is gold
    And she’s buying a stairway to heaven

    When she gets there she knows
    If the stores are all closed
    With a word she can get what she came for

    Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
    And she’s buying a stairway to heaven

    There’s a sign on the wall
    But she wants to be sure
    ‘Cause you know sometimes words have
    Two meanings

    In a tree by the brook
    There’s a songbird who sings
    Sometimes all of our thoughts are

    Ooh, it makes me wonder

    Ooh, it makes me wonder

    There’s a feeling I get
    When I look to the west
    And my spirit is crying
    For leaving

    In my thoughts I have seen
    Rings of smoke through the trees
    And the voices of those
    Who stand looking

    Ooh, it makes me wonder

    Ooh, it really makes me wonder

    And it’s whispered that soon
    If we all call the tune
    Then the piper will lead us to reason

    And a new day will dawn
    For those who stand long
    And the forests will
    Echo with laughter

    Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ooh, whoa, oh

    If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow
    Don’t be alarmed now
    It’s just a spring clean
    For the May queen

    Yes, there are two paths you can go by
    But in the long run
    There’s still time to change
    The road you’re on

    And it makes me wonder

    Aw, uh, oh

    Your head is humming and it won’t go
    In case you don’t know
    The piper’s calling you to join him

    Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow?
    And did you know
    Your stairway lies on the whispering wind?


    And as we wind on down the road
    Our shadows taller than our soul
    There walks a lady we all know
    Who shines white light and wants to show
    How everything still turns to gold
    And if you listen very hard
    The truth will come to you at last
    When all are one and one is all
    To be a rock and not to roll

    And she’s buying a stairway
    To heaven…

    • Barrack Obama

      Gayest fucking song. Ever.

      • Goddammit

        Where is there any mention of any kind of homosexuality, or the more obscure definition of the word, happiness in the song. Now if it was talking about something along the lines of brokeback mountain I would agree

    • Mike Unt

      it doesn’t even rhyme, or make a sense worth a fuck…

      • Goddammit

        So many things to talk about in a one sentence post. Most of the lyrics dontrhyme I will give you that. It doesn’t make sense? The meaning isn’t etched in black and white, you have to read the lyrics and think. And no it’s not about banging chicks, being rich or getting high like most songs of today are about. And its worth a fuck? What the he’ll are you trying to say? use you words!

  27. Led Zeppelin rocks, nothing more needs to be said.

    • Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

      You must mean “Led Zeppelin sucks,” dear friend. Don’t worry, we’ve made mistakes like that sometimes too. Just none that dumb.

  28. Flynn

    I think they have admitted that we won by not replying

  29. Jahnny

    This isn’t remotely funny. It’s as if the article was written by a down syndrome kid trying to troll; yeah it’s irritating, but you can’t really get mad at the poor fucker because he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about anyway.

  30. wtf

    Wow no one here has any taste in music. It seems you people just hate rock and want to target each band individually. Well ill help you. Make articles on how much these bands suck next: The rolling stones, the who, deep purple, black sabbath, the kinks, jimi hendrix experience, rush, cream, king crimson, the doors, iron maiden, judas priest and AC/DC. There. That should be enough for a while

    • Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

      The Rolling Stones: shit back in the day, shittier shit now.

      The Who: the who?

      Deep Purple: cookie-cutter “rock” that had been doe (and was being done) by a thousand better bands before them.

      Black Sabbath: revolutionary, for sure! They paved the way for a thousand? million? billion bands that are “intense” with heavy (AKA boring) guitars and a deep (AKA “blood, darkness, and stuff”) lyrics.

      Kinks: they had one good song. At least, one songs IDIOTS viewed as good. To everyone else with an average taste in music, it sucked. And even the idiots couldn’t enjoy the rest of their catalogue. That was left to the mega-idiots. We’re guessing that’s you.

      Jimi Hendrix: overrated.

      Rush: synth-pop before synth pop was invented, plus a sub-par drummer and the most obnoxious lead singer we’ve ever heard.

      Cream: the only good thing about this group is it produced Eric Clapton. We’ve heard of humble beginnings, but SHIT man.

      King Crimson: bullshit leeches.

      The Doors: anyone who tells you he likes the Doors is lying. Nobody likes the doors. They just say that so you’ll think they smoke pot and are a hippie. And even HIPPIES didn’t like The Goddamn Doors, it was just music to smoke to. Mellow, boring, pretentious shit that should’ve been left to rot in the 60s. Plus, Jim was fat.

      Iron Maiden: the pop of metal.

      Judas Priest: the other pop of metal.

      AC/DC: they have one bad song; all of them. Seriously, they made one chord progression, altered slightly, then made a gajjilion fucking albums with it. Shouldn’t they be in jail or something?

      More please.

      • The Rolling Stones: Hey man, Exile on Main Street is the shit! I love that album. Probably one of the top 20 of all time.

        The Who: Not my favorite, but they knew how to write great songs.

        Deep Purple: I’ve only listened to ‘Smoke’ and ‘Child’ but they were quite good at the time.

        The Kinks: Never was a HUGE fan, but I do like to listen to Lola now and again.

        Jimi Hendrix: Man, Hendrix is the shit. Made sounds come from the guitar that no one else had heard before.

        The Doors: Man I love mellow, pretentious music. Maybe that’s why I like The Doors.

        Iron Maiden/Judas Priest: Majority of Metal is rather shit, although I do respect these bands.

        ACDC: You hit the mark on your description here though, ACDC are indeed utter shite who made the same song over and over again for the past 40 years.

      • Flynn

        Jimi Hendrix is the best guitarist in the world, that’s not overrated

      • Goddammit

        The Rolling Stones: longest running band ever (that I know of) explain that
        The Who: still touring and people are coming out to their shows.
        The kinks: never really liked them.
        Rush: masters of prog rock
        Judas Priest: gotta agree with you there
        The Doors: acredited with one of the greatest albums of all time (and the worst thing you can say about them is that their singer is fat)
        AC/DC: man I just hate it when the guitar riff at the start of thunderstruck is in every single one of their songs

  31. wtf

    Oh i see. This is another maddox clone hate mongering what with the whole against masc thing. In fact, the procrastonation is pretty much exactly the same as the maddox one. Well good job getting attention with this article

  32. goodtalkjumpsuit

    did someone really post the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven? that’s the gayest post I’ve ever seen. “Hey, you don’t like Zepp!?!?! Well what are the chances you’ve read the lyrics to their most popular song? Boo-yah!” Dude, that’s probably the only song we know most/all the lyrics of. Come back with some of their lesser known shit because it seems terribly apparent that their mainstream stuff isn’t exactly glossing the walls of our eardrums, respectively. Respectively meaning with the exception of the dudes posting on this site who dig the Hindenbe… Zepplin.

    • Flynn

      Ha I win!!! It was a trap, in placing those lyrics there I made you admit you had only heard that one song, and therefore were unable to make a judgement on whether they are good or not.

      • Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

        Oooooh, sneaky man. With that kinda ninjaness, you should join… the ninjas! Or something.

        Except your “trap” was a fail — in this case, it’s disgraceful to know the lyrics to more than one Zeppelin song. Way to be disgraceful, you disgrace.

      • Flynn

        Nice comeback, and I don’t know the
        lyrics to the song, I can’t be Fucked remembering lyrics, but it’s quite easy to copy and paste, you are the disgrace

  33. ryan

    umm…to all you led zeppelin haters what bands do u like??? ur saying zep sucks and one faggot said jimi hendrix was overrated and rush had a SUB-PAR DRUMMER…LOL…r u guys for real or are u guys laughing at all the shit u stirred up and ur really just doing this for a good laugh…cuz if u really think rush and deep purple and bands like that suck…i really dont know what to say…u guys are just all retards..plain and simple just retards..and to say led zeppelin songs suck…they are the only band that you can say everysong can go on a greatest hits album… every single one of there songs have great lyrics smart riffs bohnams power and JPJs solid bass lines…i mean i dont get why u hate them so much..like U guys seem TO REALLY hate them like what happend a kid with a led zeppelin shirt beat the shit out of one of you kids and now u have a grudge against them and zep.. i mean we all know for EVERY band that has been and ever will be theres all ways haters..but statistics and ability dont lie look it up number 1 band will always be led zeppelin to the world not to u guys, no one really cares what u think.. if we took a world wide pole of the greatest band ever out of 6 billion people on this planet its gonna be either led zeppelin or the beatles or the rolling stones. i mean and some comments say that the 70’s and 80’s sucked in music..well today sucks 100000 times more look at the albums realesed and songs from the 70’s and compare to today its pathetic the music today has no soul no power and people are in it for the money…look at the rolling stones magazine for top 500 songs EVER… i belive 36% is 70’s songs 24 % is 60’s..i think the 50’s had about 28% and the 90’s and 00’s together had like 10%…i mean that really shows out of 500 songs only 10% were from new bands…so lets hear what u guys listen to…im a huge zep fan but i wont go bash u guys i just wanna hear ur musical preference and see what u guys enjoy

  34. ryan

    oh and i also know every single led zeppelin song,fact,just about everything to do with led zeppelin so im not one of those kids who is stupid and only knows stairway to heaven…my fav album is presence…so im not just a gay fanboy i know alot about other bands to just zep is my fav… and i dont just listen to zep to just tell people i do so they think im cool….i started to listen to zeppelin at around 13 years old the only reason i really got into it is because my dad had the cd’s and i listened and liked simple as that…i do like new music but only the good shit…. like wolfmother,white stripes,preistess,them crooked vultures,the answer(who are fuckin awsome!)

  35. goodtalkjumpsuit

    @ ryan… I gotta give it up to you, that was a really well written post [I know that it’s impossible to sense whether or not someone is serious over a post, but I’m being serious]. Because you asked, I’ll give you some ammunition a.k.a. bands/artists I like: Stevie Wonder, Braxton Brothers, George Strait and you could include really most country with G.S. as well, Spin Doctors, Mayday Parade & The District. I figure that’s enough ammunition for now.

    • ryan

      Yes i see you have a great taste in music but dont go around bashing one of the greatest rock bands of the 70’s.. some people in previous comments have said that jimmy page should never have picked up a guitar which is fuckin’ crazy..he is the smartest guitar player, and yes ill admit plays like a 5 year old with broken fingers some times but no doubt he is the coolest and most badass guitar players ever. he only got super sloppy around 1977 on the tour of america because of the drugs…if you watch royal albert hall 1970, or earls court 75 its not that sloppy..but thats his style and his flare he was influenced by the biggest blues guitar players and they are kindoff sloppy to but thats just the whole blues thing. And u made the first comment saying that if you hear zep,beatles or floyd u reach for he nearest razor..which yes im not the biggest beatles fan but they had really great music after the Help! album before that is wasent real serious music…and then pink floyd,how could u say that about floyd they were a really good band who had some of the greatest albums of all time..and not to mention david gilmour who think is better than most of the guitar players talked about today

      • Best comment ive heard yet ryan, im a big zep and pink floyd fan myself. These people just dont get that music isnt something ya listen to make a job or a chore to go faster, saying that shit can really piss some people off (and it did). But you cant argue with opinions so this whole argument which took about 2 and a half months to build was completely NOT WORTH IT. Go ahead and diss me cause my taste in music isnt as “unique” as yours, but seriously you guys are trolls big time.

      • you cant rape the willing

  36. goodtalkjumpsuit

    @ ryan/colton: yeah, I was the 1st to comment. for whatever reason it is, I just can’t hear the appeal of these bands. Does it mean they suck… nope. Does it mean they suck to me… yep. Look, it’s not that I don’t want to like them, I’ve tried because I love music. I play guitar and drums and have for 14 years. I’m learning piano. I D-I-G music. I understand they are talented and that they’re popular, my ears just cry “rape” whenever their tunes come on.

    • ryan

      WHY goodtalkjumpsuit WHY!!

    • Jude

      I couldn’t agree more. I love rock and metal as much as the next dude, but as hard as I’ve tried, I can’t seem to like their music. If I were to compare Led Zeppelin to Megadeth, regardless of genre, I’m pretty damn sure Megadeth would win. Pink Floyd, you probably need to be high to listen to their music, that’s why Dark Side of the Moon stayed on the charts for 13 years. Beatles, sure they were good at the time, but suck ass now. I can’t stand any of these bands and their music.

      • Goddammit

        That is the most original criticism of pink flyod ever “you must be high to enjoy this”. Just to let you knows I have never been high in my life and comfortably numb is one of my favourite songs of all time

  37. thanks for actually talking about it instead of trying to put us down. but really you cut yourself every time you hear them c’mon they are defenitly not that bad, but we can all agree that lady gaga is the worst ting to happen to music since…well damn she is the worst thing to happen to music.

  38. goodtalkjumpsuit

    @ colton: I 100% agree. I wish someone would just put that wild boar, a.k.a. Lady GaGa down. There’s no reason to put a fan of something down from my p.o.v. The only reason I started bashing before is because that jon b. guy got all “holier than thou” just because I don’t dig them. And as far as the “cut myself” thing, I’m just turning a phrase, I could just have easily said “I turn the radio station” But yeah, Lady GaGa and Lil’ Wayne are much much much much worse than Zep, the Beatles or Pink Floyd, in my opinion.

    • @goodtalkjumpsuit
      Just because you’re sarcasm was taken the wrong way. Maybe if you’d been serious about the whole thing instead of looking to light up a flame war, I wouldn’t have adopted that attitude right back.

    • damn right and dont forget it instead of talking bad about atleast talented bands, we should try and get the shit thats on 106.1 and 102.1 radio stations off, (not completely) but most of the crap is like listening to the same song with an E chord solo than the one ya just heard which had a D chord solo. Today’s music is just pure lazy with a few exeptions (jack white, brad paisley-not the best but he works pretty hard for it, and i know theres many more.) & i agree when ever i hear stairway to heaven i want to puke too, not because i dont like it just because i hear it about 3 times a day. And thats coming from a die hard zep fan, im actually wearing a pick that has the zep insignia around my neck & can play pretty much any led song ever made (even stairway to heaven which i dont play that often for reasons unknown.) But now im interested in what you listen to, if its classical i can see where you dont like them, if its reggea then whatever. Im not gon to ambush you and say you have terrible taste in music i just want to see your point of view

  39. Jude

    Alright, first off. I agree with the “Being influential doesn’t mean you’re good.” That is something I’ve been saying for a few years. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Beatles were sure as hell influential on the rock genre. Does that mean they’re good? FUCK NO. You’d probably have to get high off of drugs to listen to Pink Floyd. Led Zeppelin, just no. Horrible. Beatles kill my ears. Rolling Stones were actually good, in my opinion! Don’t get me wrong though. I enjoy listening to AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and all. I just think that those 3 bands up there suck. Go ahead, criticize me. I’m into the metal genre, which I know originated from the rock genre. Black Sabbath with Ozzy began the Heavy Metal genre, but they weren’t exactly good. When Ozzy had left and hired Ronnie James Dio, they sounded much more better. Not to say Ozzy sucked, but it just wasn’t good. The bands I listen to, which are not fully mainstream, are listed as the following in no particular order: Death, Megadeth, Slayer, Sadus, Dark Angel, Dark Funeral, Downthesun (Split up), Motörhead, etc. Now the bands that I listen to, that are mainstream, are listed here: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Van Halen (Okay, so maybe they’re Hard Rock or Hair Metal, I don’t care.), etc. Even though Van Halen went mainstream, they still sounded great. They may have went through the Van “Hagar” era, but nothing can beat the DLR era of Van Halen. Now for Metallica, these guys sucked after the Black Album. Garage Inc. and S&M were pretty good though. Load, Reload, St.Anger, and Death Magnetic all sucked ass. Metallica gave into the mainstream when they released the Black Album. That’s when they changed. Iron Maiden sounds great today though. People may have heard of Motörhead, doesn’t mean they’re mainstream. Most of the metal/rock guys I talk to about music, they don’t know Downthesun or Sadus, because it’s usually underground music that’s never mentioned. Slayer has been good, and they still are today, but I don’t know about their future. Megadeth has sounded better and better with each album that’s been released, their latest album, Endgame, just blew Shit Magnetic out of the water. That’s what I listen to. I listen to some other genres of music, but not 24/7. This is all just my opinion, don’t get all fucking pissed at me for stating an OPINION.
    Led Zeppelin, Beatles, and Pink Floyd suck. 😀

    • @Jude

      I wouldn’t exactly expect your average metal head to be able to get off to progressive tunes.

      I mean, AC/DC, Van Halen, better than Zep? Please.

      The Stones were good though, I’ll give you props for that.

      • Jude

        AC/DC and Van Halen are actually better, but that’s my own opinion and you think Zep is better, that’s your opinion. I’m not going to put you down because of it. I’m just saying, I love music and all, I’ve listened to all kinds. Country, pop, hip hop, and I can stand some of the songs, but I just can’t grasp Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Beatles. It’s just not as hard for me as the music I listen to, that’s probably why. Yes, the Stones were good during their time, still are actually … if they’re still around.

  40. wtf

    Because it amuses me, I’ll list some more bands. Have fun: Alice in Chains, Blondie, The Clash, Genesis, Journey, Dream Theater Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, R.E.M, Beach boys, Soundagarden, Slayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Looking forward to your response.

    • Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

      Alice In Chains: there’s a “metal” station where we live (it’s really br00tal too — it plays System of a Down sometimes. Fuck the system!! …unless our mom tells us not to.) that has a setlist that goes like this:

      Emo/screamo song
      Alice in Chains song
      Fake-metal song
      Alice in Chains song
      Pop-punk song to show that have “variety”
      Alice in Chains song
      Alice in Chains song
      Alice in Chains song
      Alice in Chains song
      Crappy 90’s song for angsty teenagers (AKA another Alice in Chains song)
      Alice in Chains song

      That alone is enough to deter us from ever giving Alice in Chains what in your mind is a “fair shot.” Another reason is because they sucked.

      (We won’t even go into their new album with that American Idol reject — that wouldn’t even be fair.)

      Blondie: we refuse to listen to anything named after/lead by a prostitute.

      Clash: see above.

      Genesis: the real reason Adam and Eve went to Hell.

      Journey: God, quit it with the crappy 80’s metal bands. We should’ve expected it when Iron Maiden & Jethro Tull popped up on your other list, but DAMN. Do you really think these bands deserve to be even on the “Shittiest Bands Ever” list? No. It would hurt the other shitty bands feelings.

      Dream Theater: unlistenable, egotistical noise for D&D fans to masturbate to.

      Nine Inch Nails: good shit — if you happen to enjoy wearing trench coats and drawing out plans to shoot up your high school (or elementary school; NIN fans are crazed from the beginning).

      Tool: tools.

      Nirvana: we have one word to say to all you Kurt fans out there: “bang.”

      Rage Against the Machine: you can’t stick it to the Man when the Man is paying you. RATM was signed to Sony. SONY. This “rebellious” music is faker then Megan Fox’s tits. And that’s pretty damn plasticy — we mean fake.

      Pantera: angry music for angry people who should probably be in anger management but are too angry (and/or retarded) to join.

      R.E.M.: Retards. Ending. Music.

      Beach Boys: if we turned gay, lived in California, and wanted to be forever remembered as those kids who turned gay and lived in California, we’d call ourselves “The Beach Boys.”

      Soundgarden: I thought we covered this with Alice in Chains? Same review, take out the “melodic” singing from a dude who can’t sing (or with the new album “Black Gives Way to Blue,” a dude mimicking a dude who can’t sing), replace it with mindless shouting. We really hope this is the last “grunge” band on your list — that entire genre should be condemned. Or at least named after something other than dirt.

      Slayer: we respected 80’s gen. Slayer. They sucked, but their album covers had skulls and blood. So we respected them. Modern-day Slayer … well, you’d have to catch us on a good day for us to even admit we once liked Slayer. “God Hates Us All”? “Christ Illusion”? It’s like they’re four-year-olds jumping around screaming NOTICE US!!! NOTICE US!!! WE CAN BE CONTROVERSIAL TOO!!! Sorry Slayer, but Cannibal Corpse had the “controversial attention whore” job down while you were still making shitty albums with cool covers.

      Red Hot Chili Peppers: watered down funk for people who can’t handle the real thing. And that’s when they were still okay.

      NO more please. Thinking about these bands is giving us a headache.

      • Goddammit

        Blonde: don’t judge a book (band) by it’s cover (name). So what if their name sucks? If they have good music that doesn’t matter.
        Clash: London Calling
        Dream Theatre: generally wrong accusation. I love dream theater and never touched a d&d game in my life
        Slayer: man you respect an album if they have blood and skulls on the cover of their albums? Screw musical talent, go disgusting art!
        Nine Inch Nails: my god how can you say that?
        Rage Against the Machine: my god it’s music, that already makes it more real than Megan fox’s tits

  41. greasesicle

    I hate Led Zeppelin. They are frauds, and the most overplayed crap in history. When I tell people I hate construction worker music they get all pissed off and start complaining about Britney Spears and rap. I ask them what the hell does that stuff have to do with the fact that Nightranger, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Guns on Roses suck ass? Then they say I don’t know anything about music and I probably like the Jonas Brothers. Then I mention that I have seen over 3,000 bands and ask them about a few of them and they say they have never heard of them so that they must suck.

  42. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    100th comment! Good thing I can’t moderate myself (well, I can, but why would I? I rock!). Keep it up tools, let’s make it to 1000!

  43. Hey guys, let’s face it.


    Let’s just bash everything. Fucking Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Haydn, Mozart, Salieri.

    The Beatles, Beachboys, Elvis, Buddy Holly, John Denver, Floyd, Hendrix, Nirvana, Clash, Sex Pistols, Zep, Sabbath, The Doors

    Fuck ’em all. We have no need for their shitty corporate noise bringing pain and suffering to our lives. They couldn’t write a song to save their lives.

  44. Ryan

    Hey im back havent commented in a while…i dont know who the retard is but someone is saying AC/DC,Van halen are better than Zep..blow it out ur ass.. wake up smell the smellin salts…AC/DC=the same for like 15 albums 3 chord crunch…I mean I love ac/dc but there great because no one dares do what they do because they dont want to get boared…bands like the cult had an ac/dc style and there great to nothing compared to zeps ability….and VAN HALEN…another one of my favirote bands ever… but for me Alex van halen sucks..i play the drums myself and drum to lots of van halen songs and oh my is it boring and easy….i dont even think alex knows what a paradiddle is !?!?….and Of course eddie can shred…but that doesnt allways make great musc….and David lee roth would u shut up with that sceaming EVERY song i swear he does a high pitched random scream just to annoy us..just like 1000 random ahhhhhh! or woahhhhh!!! waaa!! great band…LEd zeppelin Ultimate Band

  45. Jones

    Aerosmith is the best band ever. Nothing more needs to be said. Their lyrics are sure poetry

  46. Aerosmith are fucking gay, lol

  47. goodtalkjumpsuit

    @ everyone, especially Jon B, you jackass [just kidding man]: it’s been a while since I’ve looked at this page but wow, this has gone on for a while. Ya’ll Zepp fans just can’t quit which of course means us “Zepp haters” can’t either, but again, conundrums to be pondered at a later date.

    @TubboTwins: I think you should trash another big band for us to go off on. We’ve given you some pretty kick-ass/god-awful [depending on your opinion] suggestions and the first article obviously got the desired result of comment sluts so what do ya say? Floyd? AC/DC? Aerosmith? I’d suggest metal, but let’s be fair, there’s probably only 4 or 5 of them with computer access.

  48. wtf

    When did I mention jethro tull…oh and they arent metal despite what the fine folks at the grammies believe. Still the expressions on all the metallica fans would have been priceless. Well Ill throw in a few more bands. Some of these are already quite hated so lets see if you guys can throw in something original: Aerosmith, KISS, green day, slipknot, radiohead, oasis, lynyrd skynyrd, yes, sex pistols and um…spinal tap

  49. Jon

    I find it amusing the author of this blog could not back his opinions with any musical fact. He did not address any of their techniques, any of their struggles, or the validity of their music soul.

    He simply used stupid fallacies with no logic or fact to back it.

    Zeppelin fans be proud. Be proud that it is fools like these who are critiquing the most obvious and forever best band ever.

  50. Jon

    If you want to contradict my post than please actually speak like a human and use logic.


    Please expalin with cold ahrd facts and actualy musical knowledge of why Led Zeppelin is bad.

    • fat

      because the playing of page is sloppy and his songwriting is choppy rock riffs pasted together. the vocals sound like a whining little girl and the orgasnic gay sounds plant makes are ridicolous. if you listen to led zepplin almost all songs are in penatonic scale and sound the same. to say there is a best band ever is just an ignorant statement. maybee the best in your opinion, but i know in the same era there were many guitar players kickin the shit out of page.

  51. ADJ

    Do I smell the baking of a trollcake?

  52. Timmaaay! Livin’ a lie Timmay!

  53. Waylon

    You deserve to be executed for your base and brainless opinion.You strike me as the same sort of twat that thinks John Mayer is “soulful”,Jack White is “innovative”, and Radiohead is the best band in the world. Everyone is entitled to their opinion,but your’s blows and there are millions of fans who would testify to it. Led Zeppelin has depth to their music and the fact that you find any of their diverse and instrumentally talented legacy repetitive is a testament to how little your opinion should matter. I don’t do any drugs of any sort but I recognize the musical depth and richness they had.Do yourself a favor and quit generalizing musicians who are exponentially more talented than you could ever be and their fans.Give the music a chance…or just keep listening to Fall Out Boy.

  54. Correction Waylon, Radiohead IS the best band in the world.


    Let me just say that I can’t stand the sound of Led Zeppelin either and I never liked Pink Floyd and can’t stand Queen. But I have to correct the totally inaccurate ignorant false things you and some others said about The Beatles.

    As a poster Reverend Rock who is a Reverend and a rock musician and a big Beatles fan said on a classic rock site a few years ago,that anybody who knows The Beatles history knows it’s ludicrious to even suggest that The Beatles were ever a “boy band”!

    And true boy bands don’t play their own instruments,(they only sing and dance),they don’t write tons of critically acclaimed,popular,classic songs including many great rock songs and The Beatles wrote more than a few great rock songs in their early days,boy bands don’t revolutionize popular and rock music,are very innovative,creative & prolific as The Beatles were,and don’t have their songs the most covered in music historty by everyone from jazz,classical,Motown,rock,and even heavy metal recording and playing their great timeless music.

    Boy bands also don’t have academic musicologists doing serious studies and analyses and praise of their music,like university of Penn graduate AlanW.Pollack who did an 11 year detailed analyses of every Beatles song and his study is online,and shows how The Beatles used unusual,interesting and even complex chords even in their early songs from 1963 and 1964.As Bob Dylan,Roger McGuinn and in December 1963 The London Times musicologist William Mann,all pointed out too.

    They also don’t have musicologists like university of Michigan music professor and musician Walter Everett who wrote the 2 volume,THe Beatles As Musicians:Th Quarry Men Though Rubber Soul, and The Beatles As Musicians:REvolver Through Anthology.And British musicologist,classical composer and music professor Willifrid Mellers 1973 book,Twilight Of The Gods;The Music Of The Beatles which was the first serious music study of their music,and he also wrote about Beethoven,Mozart,and Bob Dylan.

    Boy bands also don’t have award winning music professors teaching college courses like award winning music professor and classical composer Dr.Glen Gass who has been teaching a course on what brilliant composers they were and a course on rock music since 1982 at Indiana University School of Music.

    They don’t write hits for other artists as early as 1963, like THe Beatles did for BillyJ.Krammer and The Dakotas,Celia Black,Peter and Gordon,and a rock n roll song,I Wanna Be You’re Man given to The Rolling Stones which became one of The Rolling Stones first hits,and which they wrote right in fron of them and Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were impressed and were like,wow how can you write a song just like that and it inspired them to start writing their own songs.

    The Rolling Stones were good friends with The Beatles and Mick Jagger was at 4 Beatles recording sessions and Keith Richards was at 2 of them with him.

    Boy Bands also don’t have musicians(of course not they don’t even play their own instruments!) such as Stanley Clarke,Will Lee,Billy Sheehan,Sting and Wilco’s John Stirratt call their bass player,one of the greatest,melodic and influential bass players ever as they said about Paul McCartney. Nor do they have Eric Clapton call a pretty good guitar player as he said about John Lennon and was a member of his live 1969 Plastic Ono Band.

    Boy Bands also don’t have popular respected rock artists and musicians call them The Greatest Band Ever like Brian May of Queen,Liam Gallager of Oasis,and Ozzy Osbourne(who also has been a huge Beatles fan since he was a teen,he even pucked She Loves You as 1 of his favorite songs in Rolling Stone a few years ago) call The Beatles The Greatest Band Ever,and on a musicians site MusicRadar What The Beatles Mean To Me by Tom Petty,Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora saying how they became fans as teen boys and Richie was only 5 after they saw The Beatles in February 1964 on The Ed Sullivian Show,and said they were really great and cool and they inspired them to become rock musicians.And Aerosmith’s Brad Witford says a lot of The Beatles influence comes from Mark Hudson and Steven Tyler (who he says are both Beatles freaks)and that he guesses that the goal is to try and emulate probably the best music in the last 50 years which has to be The Beatles.

    Boy bands don’t have The Byrds Roger McGuinn say he thinks they invented folk rock using unusual chords and arrangements for pop rock music in 1963 and 1964,and that they invented folk rock without even realizing it which is what Roger says about The early Beatles. Boy Bands don’t have Roger McGuinn say he bought a 12 string guitar soon after he saw George Harrison playing one in the Beatles great movie A Hard Day’s Night,and he played Beatles music in clubs in the mid 1960’s.He says he loved their music from the start,and Ron Wood says in The Beatles book, Ticket To Ride by Denny Somach,Kathleen Somach and Kevin Gunn, whrn he was asked if he can name any favorite Beatles songs, he says he’s got so many he said apart from the obvious like Strawbwerry Fields ,I Want To Hold Your Hand is one he used to like a lot,and he said the one with the harmonium,We Can Work It Out he said ahh,I loved that one.

    Ron Wood also says he never missed an episode of a radio show The Beatles used to play live on and spoke on every Friday and he said infact whoever has the rights to those radio shows should dig them up,their incredible.In this book Bill Wyman also talks about their friendship with The Beatles after meeting them in 1963 and how The Beatles gave them one of their first hit songs, I Wanna Be You’re Man.

    (In this book so many music artists are interviewed including Roger McGuinn who said after he was asked what his first impression of The Beatles music he just loved I Want To Hold Your Hand and She Loves You after he saw them on TV playing live with all of the screaming girls going after them and everything,he said he just loved that stuff and went out and bought their album took it back to his apartment and learned all the songs and started playing them at coffee houses.

    Brian Wilson says in this book that he has always loved The Beatles! Boy bands don’t have Brian Wilson,Elton John and classical composer Leonard Bernstein and so many others call 2 of their singer song writers,the greatest song writers of the 20th century as they called,John Lennon and Paul McCartney.etc etc

    • Sorry delete your hard work, man (he had about fifty — not even exaggerating — comments as long and longer than this one)… but seriously. Too much is too much.

      BTW — clicking that “delete all” button was so easy — must’ve been like 10000x easier than typing all that shit out. Sucker!

    • Lou Valentine

      Thank You.

  56. wow

    Holy shit did you type all that?

  57. KAIZERyeah

    When it comes to the beatles, yes they ARE OVERRATED. PinkFloyd have only one good song Cmfortably Numb, i cant name any other.
    As for Led zep, apart from Stairway to heaven, all of their songs suck. and they also stole songs from others (Dazed and confused; The Lemon song, originally Killin FLoor by Howlin Wolf….. just to name a few)
    And when it comes to pioneering hard rock and heavy metal, Led Zep arent even close! The real pioneers of Hard rock are Jimi Hendrix and Cream. And Deep Purple were arguably much more “heavy” than Led Zep, but their drummer didnt die, so automatically, Led Zep< Deep Purple.

    • Goddammit

      Try Hey You, Wish You Were Here, Shine On you Crazy Diamond or Time. And also it was a tragedy that bonham died when he did.but does that really mean deep purple is better than led Zeppelin, just cause Zeppelins drummer died? And just as an after thought Kashmir, immagrant song, achielles last stand and d’yer maker

  58. KAIZERyeah

    When it comes to the beatles, yes they ARE OVERRATED. PinkFloyd have only one good song Cmfortably Numb, i cant name any other.
    As for Led zep, apart from Stairway to heaven, all of their songs suck. and they also stole songs from others (Dazed and confused; The Lemon song, originally Killin FLoor by Howlin Wolf….. just to name a few)
    And when it comes to pioneering hard rock and heavy metal, Led Zep arent even close! The real pioneers of Hard rock are Jimi Hendrix and Cream. And Deep Purple were arguably much more “heavy” than Led Zep, but their drummer didnt die, so automatically, Led Zep> Deep Purple.

  59. Rakatung

    Stuff like this annoys me. It’s not that people don’t like bands like Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd/The Beatles, it’s just that they have absolutely no way to back up a statement such as “Led Zeppelin sucks”. You’re basically saying “Led Zeppelin sucks because they’re awful”.

    Bloody hipsters

  60. wtf

    Haha get a load of this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_Just_Gets_Worse. Look at the track listing, I swear it looks like you guys made this album lol

  61. HAHA wtf

    That is friggin hilarious, Im so glad you found this.

  62. Connor

    Led Zeppelin is the best and most influential band in Rock history. If you can’t recognize that their is something more to the meaning of their songs than LETS GET HIGH LOLOL than you are a complete moron. If you unable to appreciate Led Zeppelin I would say that you aren’t truly a human being.

  63. Chris

    Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Are great legendary rock bands. you cant say something sucks if it takes a lot of talent to do it. you try writing something like Dazed and Confused and Stairway to heaven. its not easy my friend. Led Zeppelin is awesome… not my favorite band but there defiantly a lot better than all the shit that comes out today. so stop complaining.
    btw i agree AC/DC sucks balls

  64. alex

    love the beatles, like early pink floyd, but led zeppelin makes me want to kill myself.

  65. Jon B

    I think it’s easily understandable for a lot of people to dislike Zep because Robert Plant was a complete pompous tosser who probably masterbated to the thought of himself every night.

    But despite all of this, if you just listen to their heavenly music, they were one of the best. In the golden age of pop/rock 1968-73, when masses of awesome, talented bands were flooding the airwaves and record stores with timeless material, Led Zeppelin was a band that managed to stand out far and away. They are easily in the top 10 of all time, and if you dislike or hate them I can’t argue that, but if you’re saying they were a bunch of talentless c*nts, then you probably deserve to burn for eternity in hell alongside Madonna and Yoko Ono.

  66. Barrack Obama

    Led Zeppelin sucks. That is all.

  67. Danse Macabre

    I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t get past your dry and beligerant humor. Either way, I can make the assumption that you partake in music with no real substance.
    If this wasn’t true, you would appreciate the Zep for their influence on rock music altogether; appreciate talent, don’t bash someone who was clearly more important than you.

    • fat

      how the hell does playing guitar make someone more important than me? you are clearly mistaken on the food chain and make page look like he deserves life more than anyone else. i have just as much of a reason for life as some coked up drunk egotistical guitar player that wrote a few songs in the same key. you are a fool to state someone has less of a reson to live because they dont play guitar for a fucken band. thats just ignorant.

  68. http://quagmire.darsys.net/2005/03/why-led-zeppelin-sucks/

    That’s the new URL for my blog with the post on the same subject. We just moved hosts hence the slight change. We have some 250+ comments of whiners and such as well.

  69. brett

    zeppelin has the number one played song in radio history….stairway to heaven….they’ve sold 250+ million albums…..what have your bands done? thought so actions speak louder than words, i’m 20 and have been listening to zeppelin since i was 15, best musical find of my life……and 50 years from now people will still be rocking out to page, plant, jones and bonham

    • fat

      just cause a song is popular dosent make it good. miles davis is more of a musician than anybody in led zepplin and dosent top record sales and have most played song on the radio. also many major boy bands have sold millions of albums, so what does that mean???

      • Ha you are fat

        miles davis was mentioned in billy madison so i think he has just as awesome. “If peeing your pants is cool then im miles davis.” Btw i have tried to sit down and listen to Bitches Brew. It doesnt really work for me, but i think John McLaughlin is pretty sweet (great song and guitar player :D). It just comes down to chemistry. Led Zeppelin strikes a chord with me. It has nothing to do with Zeppelins mass following. When communication break down comes on the radio, and im in the car alone, o losten to it all the way through cause I LEGITIMATELY LOVE THAT SONG AND MANY OTHER LED ZEPPELIN SONGS AND I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN CAUSE THE DELIVER WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC THAT I LIKE. I also love you fat, cause your sexy 😉 (either im right or your not sexy)

      • Goddammit

        And just because a band is popular doesn’t mean you have to attempt to (and fail at) bashing them fat. Or maybe we should follow you wisdom and only listen to indie music cause screw mainstream!

  70. ladygagasucks!

    isn’t this funny? I seriously dont agree with your statement. i agree L.Z. is a bit overrated, but it is by no means a bad band. unless you’ve taken some drugs.

    instrumental it is great, but sometimes I also dont like Plants singing.

    if you look at their records etc. it shows that many people like their songs. do you seriously think, me and other fans take you (200?) complaining , cursing haters serious? c’mon -.-‘


    nuff said

    • fat

      jimmy page know one fucking scale. you can hear it in every god damn song if you know anything about music theory and song progression. if YOU look at the record milions of people liked backstreet boys, does that make it legit? Chet Atkins kicks the shit out of any guitar player of tha era and nobody gives a shit about him anymore. so you gtfo and listen to some real guitar players. not penatonic single minded repetetive shit.

      • Goddammit

        Hahahaha. Oh my god, fat you are a plethora of ignorance and your comments are just such a joy to read and marvel at. Again with the backstreet boys/boy bands? Replenish your repetoir of insults there kid. And I suppose you know all about musical theory? Please don’t stop commenting. Your comments give me endless amounts of joy

  71. Nick

    Awesome satire, comments are even better.

  72. Your mom is even better.

  73. E. R. L.

    Oh my gosh, why is everybody being so harsh? I personally love Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles, but I am not going to tell people to “go die” just because they don’t like them! I also HATE Justin Beiber, but I’m not going to call his fans “retarded” just because they’re fans. Everyone should lay off and do something productive instead of pointlessly arguing! Goodbye, I’m off to DO something with my life. :p

  74. EL Borroco

    All i know is that it wasnt LEd Zeppelin who created hard rock, in fact they werent even close!!

    Cream and HEndrix are the true pioneers, and LZ just took their crowd….

    • “All i know is that it wasnt LEd Zeppelin who created hard rock, in fact they werent even close!! Cream and HEndrix are the true pioneers, and LZ just took their crowd….”

      Well actually, Jimmy Page pioneered garage rock with the Yardbirds before Cream or Hendrix.

    • Goddammit

      So your saying Led Zeppelin is better than cream and Jimi if they “stole” their fanbase

  75. To the fat kid

    Seen this a thousand times

    You only like new music am I right?

    You like music that ‘is not’ cool because you need to cling to that last bit of delusional identity sitting in the pit of your stomach.

    Makes you sick doesn’t it?

    I’m sure you love MTV bands, or Lady Gaga, or Weezer or Avenged Seven Fold. Some shit like that hm? You think that every other music is shit don’t you?

    Somehow the music that is popular today just happens to be the best music ever created doesn’t it? You never took the time to think that maybe you only like that shit because you are a follower.

    You probably hate Zeppelin because people like it. You are so anti-conformist that you will hate things just because people like them.

    And you probably don’t even know how to play an instrument or write a song do you?

    What can you do?

    What good are you doing anyone in this world?

    You’re the worst type of person.

    Good luck with the depressing void of a life that you live.

    • fat

      man you are so fuckin fail. i play an instrument and work in the music industry and i know how sloppy jimmy page is and everything he writes is in one scale. there are hundreds of bands and artists that were around then that were ages better. he was just a shitty rock guitarist and robert plant sounds like hes jackin off half the time. im sure my opinion dosent matter either, but at least i dont have to insult other people on here just cause they think a band sucks. WTF are you doing to help society? even more what does it matter what contribution he makes to society, its just a fucking band and a sloppy one with a good drummer. if you like it then good for you but dont get mad when musicians listen to it and realise all the mistakes and his disinformation of the guitar and ONE fuckin scale.

      • As a guitarist and pianist, I can honestly say that from what I’ve experienced with many other musicians, it’s alright if you play one scale if you can make it sound good. Music listeners don’t care how complex their tunes on the radio are, they just wanna hear stuff they like. That’s what makes you a good musician: playing stuff people like to hear.

        Did it ever occur to you that Jimmy Page can go absolutely ballistic with guitar, he can go melodic, he can go one scale pentatonics, blues, jazz, whatever, and he could go all kinds of all over the scales if he wanted, but maybe he is just good enough that he only needs one scale to make good jams without gettin crazy with it. JACKASS.

        Do YOU have a FAMOUS BAND/ALBUM?

        I doubt it. You spend way too much time bashing others that you are jealous of. Take that ebnergy and become famous. Maybe then, just mayube, your opinion will become valid.

      • Goddammit

        Oh man fat you did not dissapoint. You work in the music industry. Talk about helping society right there. What would we do without you? Die from starvation? A great drummer? Call me whatever you want but I dont thing bonhams drumming is the highlight of what this band has to offer (that’s a good thing). And Robert plant sounds like he’s jacking off? Man If only everyone sounded like that when they jacked off, instead of just ONE GUY, then every man on the earth would head a legendary rock band. P.S. That is not what jacking off sounds like. Try it for yourself and see

    • Jamiro Smajic

      thanks, jesus
      is that you god?

  76. fat

    fuck you man jimmy page was crap. country pickers in that era owned page. page says he created rock and metal bullshit. there isnt a hint of metal in any of zepplins music and sloppy ass page need to go ahead and kick the bucket. no matter what anyone says in response to me, fuck you zepplin sucks bottom line. just cause a band is popular dosent mean they are good. and dont even compare sloppy ass jimmy page to someone like pink floyd. page is a guitar player playing the penatonic scale and all of his fucking songs are in ONE scale. He sucks just get over it.

    • Goddammit

      Yes, fat, yes! Don’t stop please! First of all, contrary to popular belief, pink flyod is a band, not a guitarist. You just can’t compare cause most of them don’t even play guitar. Man, just cause you don’t like the guys playing doesn’t mean you have to say “he should die already”. Again to the argument just cause they are Popular doesn’t mean it’s good. Is the mighty fat losing all his generic, stolen, dare I say single scale insults? Tune in next post to find out!

  77. Your a fucking moron.

    Drugs are too cool for school huh? Well you must have dropped out of middle school cause you’re smoking crack if you think led zeppelin sucks. You must also not know shit about music and how it works because Jimmy Page has composed some of the most beautiful pieces and arrangements. Just listen to bron-yr-aur and tell me it doesnt move you. And if stariway was such a worthless piece of garbage why do you go out and write something better? Oh wait…. you can’t because you’re a moron. Zeppelin has sold the most albums, has had the most hits and has the most balls….. something I cant seem to say about this post. Check yourself into rehab and get a reality check you crack baby.

  78. anonymouse

    My fagatory senses are tingling

  79. Sue

    Wow! that’s so ignorant to say beatles, pink floyd and led zeppelin are the worst bands ever! those three have done more for music than all the 80’s and 90’s bands all together (which is not much, actually). You can say that you don’t like their music, but man, the development that they reached at their studios has been crucial in the entire history of music, and anyone can see that just listening to any band after them. By the way, what kind of music do you think is “good music”?? I’m really intrigued… maybe jazz? I can’t find anything better than that, except for classical music, and that’s not comparable with zeppelin.

  80. Jamiro Smajic

    Hey man,
    youre right
    sabbath,led zepp,floyd,kansas,kiss,thin lizzy, doors,hendrix nd all other bands have no fucking talent.
    lets listenen to lil wayne instead cause were to dumb throwed with commercial nowadyas shit, because it easier to listen to,
    if there wass no zeppelin and all 70s and 60s msuic we had no artists like now
    like lill wayne fall out boy and ofcourse rhianna.

  81. Gary

    Zeppelin worst band and Beatles no good.That is the very worst BULLSHIT smack talk that i have ever heard. You are a no talent person with no understanding of music at all.If you don’t like them that is ok.To say that they are no good makes you the most musically ignorant person on the planet.YOU ARE FU**CKED UP BIG TIME YOU MORON!!!

  82. B-rye

    Since you are a musical genius, enlighten me. If Led Zeppelin is the worst band ever, who is the best?

  83. Pingback: Pandora sucks | The Nerd Blog

  84. Josh

    Jimmy Page is the best guitarist ever?! He’s just another generic blues player running over the same old pentatonic licks. His tone, vibrato and phrasing are awful. I’ll just assume right now that you’ve never heard of Guthrie Govan, John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Bonamassa, Tom Quayle, Andy Mckee, Satriani, Vai, Marco Sfogli?

    Technically, Led Zep are a complete fail. Jimmy Page is the weakest member by far, followed by Bonham and Jones. If you want real drumming and bass playing check out JoJo Mayer and Victor Wooten.

    • Your stupid fool Bonham is the best drummer out there better then neil perk and the two fools you mentioned are jokes Jimmy isn’t the greatest but he is in the top 5 don’t act a fool you could play Jimmys shit for your fucking life

  85. fuck

    Yeah, and what does this guy listen to? It’s either nigger shit or real heavy metal shit, which is probably all he’s known his whole life. This dude probably doesn’t like classic rock, thus making all of this shit biased.

    • Eww! I hate classic rock!

      This is why I personally hate classic rock:
      1. Because it sucks.
      2. The fans are racist, homophobic, bigoted assholes.
      3. It’s put on a ridiculously high pedestal that it doesn’t deserve to be on.
      4. Classical music, modern rock, classic country, 50’s rock and roll and folk music are all way better than anything in classic rock.

      Thank you for reminding me that classic rock is the worst thing to happen to music and to humanity! 😀

  86. Mags

    Ok, so, I guess know you’ll listen to your pretty God songs, right?
    C’mon, shithead, you’re just another faggot trying to have your 15 minutes of fame.

  87. myself

    your motherfucker , led zeppelin is the greatest band ever , they aren’t like lady gaga or bieber that you love so much. so fuck you and stop saying shit when you don’t have nothing to better to do and complaining because your life sucks. You should go to hell.

    • Eww! I hate classic rock!

      Exactly the grammar, spelling, punctuation, communication skills, whining, rudeness, ad hominem attacks, unintelligence and immaturity I would expect from a classic rock fan.

  88. iloverobertplant


    • Eww! I hate classic rock!


  89. iloverobertplant


  90. iloverobertplant

    led zeppelin guns n roses forever. finally this stuff was cutting words

  91. iloverobertplant

    led zeppelin was and is an inspiration for several hundreds of rock bands. If you don’t like them, it’s your problem because you’re losing a great musical and emotional adventure . LED ZEPPELIN were,is and will be an amazing band.

  92. So, I happen to like LZ. And according to your article, that makes me an idiot.. Are you kidding me? So, no other merits of mine mean anything just because I happen to like a band that you don’t… Again, I ask: Are you kidding me?

    It’s one thing to dislike LZ, and it’s another to say that, but it’s tottaly different things to become sociopathic and try to force your opinions on others.

    We get it: You hate LZ. But here’s what you don’t get: you’re opinion is just that: YOU’RE OPINION.

    You are an asshole.

  93. I cannot fucking believe that this article even exists, should’ve been friggin erased! Cuz, i think that Led Zeppelin is one of the best friggin bands ever to play on this earth. And you can take your fucking opinion and shove it up your ass dude! Ofc everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but when it comes to music, i seriously mean that there’s not good or bad music, only different genres. So take ur fat ass out in the real world for the first time, and clean ur friggin apartment for once fatty!

    Sincerely dude from norway. 19

  94. Oh, and btw.. forgot.. Hope someone really punches you in the face for giving your goddamn preposterous and idiotic statement, cuz no one talks shit about LZ. Byebye you fat fuck!

  95. Hans-André Pedersen

    Guys guys!
    Cant we all just agree that the real enemy here is Rebecca Black 🙂

    Led Zepplin forever!!!!

  96. amy

    I really like Led Zeppelin:( Haha but I can totally see why people would call them overrated (they kind of are…)
    I kind of like the Beatles.
    I don’t like Pink Floyd.
    And the greatest rock and roll band ever? No doubt Queen.


    Led Zeppelin fucking kicks ass!
    Greatest band of all time, and whoever thinks differently are probably stereotypical children that listened to that shitty pop music like Justin Bieber.
    It’s fine if you dislike them, but why would you waste your time to blog about a band you dislike?
    Makes no fucking sense.
    I hate today’s music, but I’m not going to write a fucking novel about it.

    I love The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.
    I am a huge classic rock fan and for you to bash these bands makes me believe you must have never took the time to listen to EVERY song off of EVERY album of those three bands you just critized.
    I used to not care for The Beatles until I actually sat my ass at the computer, go on YouTube, clil to a different tab, type The Beatles in Google, go on Wikipedia, and click to see all their albums and look up every song on YouTube.
    I did and I have over 90 Beatles songs on my iPod.
    Such a shame people bash on a band without giving them a try or patiently look over more songs.

  98. yang

    why don’t you people share your so called “real music” to the world, since you think you are geniuses when it comes to music. let us hear it if you think you’re so good. LED ZEPPELIN, PINK FLOYD AND THE BEATLES are some of the pioneers of real music. you’re just a bunch of assholes!



  100. Okay, i would have probably agreed with this blog… back when I was twelve. I HATED Zeppelin i thought they played the worst music… but then I matured sexually, mentally and (most importantly) got over myself… Now, they’re my favorite band. They introduced energy to the rock world that was seriously beginning to lack in a post-1967 Psychedelic era. They introduced the entire NOTION of having a song be both accoustic and electric, going from piano to the most orgasmic noises fathomable… NO other group had done that before, and i’ve done some searching for it. No one plays harder and more hypnotizingly than Bonham, and that’s a fact you cannot deny. Even if you don’t like Plant/Page… Bonham/Jones justifies the whole group.
    There is only one song of Zeppelin’s that I could honestly consider bad – and that’s just because I think they were experimenting too far out of their comfort zone with it – and that’s “Hats Off To Roy Harper”, it’s just awkward to listen to.
    I agree – there are good bands out today, most of them are hidden and ignored and will probably break up soon, and I’ve spent a good portion of my life trying to become satisfied with these groups… And it never happened. For me, personally, becoming a Classic Rock fan was the most liberating thing I’ve done for myself.

    Anyway, I read this article wanting to find an intelligent argument, and I found baseless and rather immature rants about one song (that the authors probably haven’t even listened entirely to). I wish you guys WOULD listen to a Zeppelin album and then post why you hated it. That would be nice.

  101. Up The Irons

    Led Zeppelin is just overrated commerical crap.
    Listen to Hypocrisy.

  102. lead condom sucks and I agree totally if I want to hear screeching I will get an owl as a pet , however talking bad about the BEATLES you lose all credibility about anything as you must have been dropped on your head to not like the BEATLES what are you into millie vanillie you punk arse loser

  103. Anonymous

    Think about what you say before you say it. This is sheer unjustified hate. “although we’ve always had the suspicion that Mr. (or should we say Ms.) Plant was a woman in disguise.” If you’re going to come up with criticism and least make it valid. Comments like this scattered throughout this whole narcissistic attention seeking little ramble prove just how immature you are. Page is one of the most talented and innovative guitarists that ever lived. And I’d like to hear 3 examples of Plant’s unbearable whining that you speak of.
    “the Beatles”, but they were just a talentless pop boy-band and don’t deserve the title “rock band”
    Again, the Beatles were incredibly talented and innovative- they deserve every ounce of acclaim they’ve been given. They were years ahead of their time, and The impact they had on music was incredible. For example, Harrison was the first of the British pop
    musician to use the sitar in their music, incorporating an Indian sound into their 1965 album, Rubber Soul. Suddenly every other Brit pop group of the late 60s were copying this style. Define talentless. Extrapolate on the flaws that you speak of. Provide me with a reason, ANY reason, to believe any of what
    you said.

  104. Fuck classicfags.

    Why do all the classicfags assume that people that think Led Zeppelin sucks, and they do, have to listen to radio music? Everyone is a music noob.

  105. H

    I will find you and I will kill you

  106. No talent? Show me somebody who can play as fast and John Bonham or someone who played 3 different instruments for a band a vocalist with a range like Robert Plant and a Someone who can play guitar as fast as Jimmy.Roberts lyrics are stories behind Greek mythology and philosophy that why you probably don’t understand them don’t ridicule Zeppelin. And Who the fuck in this time and day put as much as Passion as zeppelin did in one song into there whole carrer? no one its all money now.

  107. Tyler

    Every single word is this article proves you are an idiot. And that is a fact, not an opinion.

    Proof: Insulting others because they like other music? You are just one of many who need to be put on a rocket ship and sent straight into the sun.

    But there is a saying that idiots should not be argued with. You are so much of an idiot, your perception has been warped to the point that everyone else is seems to be an idiot.

    I have nothing more to say, except this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfzLyPqko8w


  108. paulmcartneyneeds2die

    zeppelin and the beatles suck ass. Thank you for creating this webpage for shitty classic rock haters like myself. hopefully all the members of these shitty old 60s bands will fucking die so these dumb fucking hippies will shut the fuck up.

  109. Makenzie

    Well, I’ll tell you what. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Fall Out Boy…I think I’ll hedge my bets on the fact that they can make better music than you, and have had a lot more experience in the music industry than you. So you probably should think twice before insulting people who have more talent than what you have, and have put it to a better use than what you would have done, had you had that talent. Which you don’t seem to have, as far as I can tell.

  110. Tirsmaj

    In the last sentence of the rant, you said ‘Led Zeppelin aren’t good’. I think you meant to say ‘Led Zeppelin isn’t good’. Or maybe you have an IQ of 15. You do think Led Zeppelin is bad. You don’t even have to like them, but they are not bad. So many people love Led Zeppelin. Maybe you posted this cause you just want to be different. Is that it? Don’t wanna be like everyone else, and you think you’re a cut above the rest? You’re not. Just stop being a stick in the fucking mud, and talk shit about it just cause a lot of people enjoy it.

  111. Now I’m curious about your favorite band and your musical taste. You can’t just say “this band is bad, that band is awful” without living alongside them. One should know that music back in ’70s is limited and that’s probably the reason why Led Zeppelin is so popular back then, and also, their pieces are original. If you heard Mr. Big and love them, actually they had influence in Led Zeppelin, a huge influence. And you should know why they “only” popular for 10 years is because the world knows there are so many music comes after their huge success with so many other genre (and sub-genre). For the record, I’m 17 years-old, I don’t live with them, but I love them. One of my favorite band. Stop insulting old bands and create your own music with only influences band from ’60s and try to be famous like Led Zeppelin if you can !!

  112. Dick Maestro

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  113. Led Zeppelin is just a poor mans Cream. Deep Purple make Led Zeppelin sound like Nickelback.

    In the academy of classic rock, Led Zeppelin rode the short bus to school.


  114. Zoey

    Hey I must agree Led Zeppelin is maybe a little bit overrated but i mean… they have done wonderful songs like ‘Since i’ve been loving you’ or ‘Good times bad times’ and you can’t say all those bad things! And sorry but you can’t say nothing neither about Pink Floyd 😉 ! THEY were the best band ever ! But I will be interest by what you will have to say…

    *Sorry for my english, i’m french.

  115. AH

    I agreed the whole way through until you said “Dont get me started about Pink Floyd”. Fuck you.

  116. GS

    Whether you like them or not, they made more money in just 12 years than you will every make in your lifetime. So if you or anyone else think they suck, obviously they wouldn’t give two shits.

  117. Tom

    for the one who wrote this article.. kill yourself. seriously.

    • Eww! I hate classic rock!

      – Every Dread Zeppelin fantard ever.

  118. Tom

    obviously this article was made by a 9 year old fat kid, who dont understands nothing about music. and now he grew old and has realized how idiot he was and its ashamed of himself

    • Eww! I hate classic rock!

      Obviously this comment was written by a teenage boy who thinks he’s better than everyone else because he listens to outdated music.

  119. Alyssa

    This guy has got to be trolling, seriously. Yeah, people have different opinions (even though in my *humble opinion* yours is entirely wrong), but to go online claiming Led Zeppelin is the worst band ever… yeah right. You’re just some lonely no-lifer wanting the attention you’re bound to receive from enraged Zeppelin fans- and rightfully so. I’m not even going to bother getting angry because that’d be exactly what you guys want. Bye assholes.


  120. Joe

    ALLLLrighty guyz ! Peepz have different opinions. I personally love the Led. Though I can tell you are no musician and if you are you are an ignorant one at that. The blues, is root music my friend, music that has influenced ALL (AND I MEAN /ALL/) bands of today and ever since it came about. The Led took it a step further adding the crunch of the 60s and 70s and (what was then) modernizing the music. There music is over played because it is sooooo timeless. Think about it, if you say it is overplayed even today then that has got to say something ? Most modern rock (they call themselves that though have to right place to call themselves that) bands such as fallout boy, green day and MCR release a song about killing people and then it goes out of fashion within a year tops. The way that Led has stuck around for what, 50 years ? Must say something. Also the fact that they are held up so high by people high up in the music industry must also say something. There music was just too advanced. And still advances the music of today in every aspect. If you are jealous or something or don’t like there music just leave it be. Calling then ‘talentless’ is MORE than retarded…

  121. Wow, you are very small minded. They are a talented group of people and I love them and their music.

    • Eww! I hate classic rock!

      “If you have different taste in music than me, you’re small-minded and wrong.”
      – Said every classic rock fan ever.

  122. Jonathan

    After many years of reading about and listening to Led Zeppelin, I have come to the conclusion that they were very talented players on their respective instruments, and a tightly-knit band. They had great chemistry with each other. Jimmy Page produced a lot of their songs, and he was a wizard in the studio. Finally, they were great *song-arrangers*. That’s right, I said *arrangers* and not songwriters. Because when you take apart most of their songs, the material was either copied from someone else, or the melody and chord sequence was quite rudimentary. They were not the Beatles or Rolling Stones, or even the Kinks territory.

    Led Zeppelin were a great *Cover-Band* but not much else. Here’s the facts: they were caught taking music from other people and trying to pass it off as their own (more importantly, Jimmy Page was) and they were sued in court. End of story. The examples are endless.

    “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” from Led Zeppelin I was itself a cover was credited as ‘traditional; arrang Page’, after hearing it on Joan Baez’ 1960 album and thinking it was a traditional song. But it was in fact written by Ann Bredon in the 1950s, so they were caught in court there and had to recredit it.

    “Black Mountain Side” – on the same album was basically a cover of a Bert Jansch’ “Blackwaterside” from his 1965 album. Page just inserted some bongo drums and an extra guitar, but retained the same instrumentals.

    “Dazed and Confused” was a cover of Jake Holmes’ 1967 song, that Jimmy Page heard while he opened for the Yardbirds. So Page took it and re-arranged it with the rest of the band, and then later adapted it for Led Zeppelin. To this day it is still credited as written by Page.

    “How Many More Times” was based on the same chord structure and lyrics as “How Many More Years” by Howlin’ Wolf, as well as “The Hunter” by Booker T and the MGs/Albert King.

    “How Many More Times” – credited to Page, Bonham and Jones, was just a reworking and cover of “Beck’s Bolero” from Jeff Beck’s 1968 album “Truth” (which greatly influenced Led Zeppelin as a whole).

    “Communication Breakdown” was very similar to “Nervous Breakdown”, a 50s tune by Eddie Cochran.

    Now onto Led Zeppelin II!!!!! “Whole Lotta Love” from Led Zeppelin II had a vocal melody that was taken from the Small Faces’ “You Need Lovin'”, which itself was taken from Muddy Water’s cover of a Willie Dixon song “You Need Love”.

    “The Lemon Song” – was mostly taken from Howlin’ Wolf’s “The Killin’ Floor” as well as “Traveling Riverside Blues” by Robert Johnson.

    “Moby Dick” from LZ II has a melody that is clearly plagiarized from Bobby Parker’s “Watch Your Step”.

    “Bring it on Home” on the same album was taken note for note from Sonny Boy Williamson’s “Bring it on home”. They were taken to court because of it.

    “Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You” was based partially on “Never” from Moby Grape’s second album Grape Jam.

    “Hats off to roy harper” was credited as ‘traditional arrang; Jimmy Page’ but is considered a cover of Bukka White’s “Shake ’em on Down”

    SO as you can see, Led Zeppelin REALLY DO SUCK!!! :p

  123. Jonathan

    Oh, and I forgot one more important detail. “Stairway to Heaven”, often considered Led Zeppelin’s crowning achievment, had a main opening melody that was plagiarized from “Taurus” by Spirit, from their 1968 album. Ba-da-boom!

  124. Fan of art

    There are three things I want to know:
    1)Are you a troll?
    2)If you think that bands that create art are bad, I’m guessing you like bands that make meaningless-money making songs? If not, what do you like?
    3)Out of curiosity: do you read poetry? Or do you just think that art isn’t needed in our culture?

    When you answer this, maybe we’ll be able to have a further discussion.

  125. Cannot but agree. It’s the worst band from the 70’s and I love 70’s music.
    I cannot stand their music. It is simply horrible. A few riffs were OK but they were probably stolen. The singing was the worst…

  126. This is ridiculous, you need to listen to White summer black mountain side. Jimmy page was rated number 2 in rolling stones best guitar players of all times right behind jime Hendrix

  127. Cianna

    They were popular and you don’t like them, a lot of people do so get over it.
    Also if you are saying they were not talented musicians, listen to what they are playing, you don’t like it but fucking hell, suck a dick if you think that’s talentless. I don’t listen to The Beatles but i can see where people are coming from, talented but i don’t like them.

  128. Zach

    Your choice of the ‘greats’ are overrated themselves. Bach was about as complex as a pencil. How about you listen to composers who put Bach to shame such as Rachmaninoff or Chopin. Self-righteous asswipe….

  129. Tim Conway

    God what a shmuck!You are surely recently released from the womb,or an institution for those who don’t hear,or read.I can only imagine that the Rolling Stones,the Who,well the list is long,I remember when I thought Mom,and Dad were goofy for listening to big bands,an Sinatra. The thing about getting old is you can admit when you are wrong as I was about my parents generation’s music someday you’ll eat the same crow many of us have been forced to swallow.

  130. Biff Biffington

    There’s a reason those bands sold millions and made millions and why you only run this whiny blog: They had talent and you don’t. Ha!

  131. metalengie

    Who gives a fuck? I don’t really care that you hate Led Zeppelin or whatever else. What a shit hole or society must have come to in order to think it’s cool to complain. What a waste of an article. No insight what so ever, just a series of bullshit. I don’t listen to Led Zeppelin but I just think it’s sad to complain about something that has never harmed anyone.

  132. Epic Facepalm

    Wow. I only read a few of the butthurt Dread Zeppelin fanboy comments here and my brain already hurts. You people do know you can defend your precious “band” without being racist, homophobic, and transphobic, right? This is one of the many reasons why I can’t stand Dread Zeppelin: their fanboys are a-holes! Like most classic rock bands, Dread Zeppelin is generic, bland, the lead singer sucks, the lyrics are stupid, and their songs all sound the same. You want GOOD rock music? You want rock bands with originality and talent? Listen to rock music from the mid 80s through the 2000s. I will never understand why a band as terrible as Dread Zeppelin is put on such a high pedestal. They’re really not good. The only good thing about them was their drummer (may he rest in peace.)

  133. Kevin daniel

    I will kill all of you and repeatedly rape your mothers and everyone you love until you realize led Zeppelin and pink Floyd are great. Sliding in y’all moms now bitches.

    • Eww Classic Rock Sucks!

      Typical classic rock fan, lol!

      This is proof that listening to the most misogynistic, racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, disgusting, and all-around WORST kind of music of all time (aka classic rock) turns people into violent, aggressive, sexist, misogynistic, bigoted, immoral rapists… just like their “precious” rock stars.

      No music is worth killing or raping over, especially not generic, crappy, entry-level, bottom-of-the-barrel garbage like classic rock.

      Seriously, you actually LIKE classic rock? WTF?
      Name one good classic rock singer. (And no, don’t say Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. They both suck the big one.)

      Go on, I’ll wait…



      Can’t do it? Yeah, didn’t think so. That’s because there are no good classic rock singers. All classic rock sucks! 😀

      Listen to some GOOD music, REAL music, like 50s rock and roll, classical music, modern alternative rock, country music, 80s and 90s pop, and R&B!

      Hell, listen to crappy music like rap, disco, and screamo for all I care! No music is worse than classic rock, lmao!

  134. The Anarkist

    This is the funniest shit I’ve ever read…

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