Time Are Getting Tough, But We Do What We Can.

All over the world, (1st world) countries are feeling the devastation of inflation and governmental bankruptcy.  People are getting laid off, looking for work, and even losing their homes.  It’s a dark age indeed, and, as you can imagine, a scary place to be a kid.  Being the innocent Tubbo’s we are, we don’t really know what to think.  Of course, our dad Bill has more money than he knows what to do with, so we aren’t in any real danger, but our friends and close relations are feeling the full force of all of it, and we don’t like seeing people close to us in pain.

We do the only thing we can do, and what any human being with a heart would do…

Hand out fake job applications!

Un-fake and stuff

We’ve seen lines and lines of people waiting outside a successful business office waiting for job interviews, so what do we do?  Tell them that the local college is looking for teachers and that they’ve all been hired!!  You’d be surprised how quickly people jump out of the line (where, by coincidence, they had an opportunity to get a great job)- two guys even got into a fight to the death over the last fake application.   Poor Jimmy…

The best part is that after filling these out, they put down dozens of other employment opportunities because they think they have a job with us, which they don’t!  We’ve cost thousands of people their homes!  Actually, we think we put our Uncle Albert onto the streets this way!  What fun!

We love taking advantage of the desperation of unfortunate people during this hard times…

We’re such good people.


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