Are You a Babbling Idiot? Take This Test and Find Out!

If you are reading this, you failed the test and are a babbling idiot.  Only idiots click Idiot Test links.

There is nothing we hate more than going to a cool site and having the entire experince ruined by huge obnoxious banners floating around in the sidebars with nothing better to do than flash their terrible bright colors at us, telling us to click on them, as if all our hopes and dreams will be fulfilled if we click a link bringing us to their crappy site where we can play rigged games and take idiot tests that don’t work in the first place ’cause it’s impossible to judge someones IQ by scoring them on how well they did in the 5 worthless questions the site posed!  Any site that has a “Click Here To Take The Idiot Test” should be condemned.

What’s worse is that the entire Internet is flooding with them.  Just look at how many search results we got when we typed in the words “idiot quiz” on Google:

It’s literally scary on how dumbed-down the Internet has gotten over the years.


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