Looks Like Libraries Aren’t Useless After All

Our Internet Connection did the impossible two evenings ago- it got, in the most scientific terms we can think of, screwed over.  Despite the multiple storm damage adjustments we purchased, the many back-up cables we got, the several connectors and servers we bought, it went out.  

We had a pretty intense lightning storm  a couple of days ago(intense for northern Australia anyway…), and when it was done, we tried logging on to the Internet, but this dreadful message popped up:


It’s like an old friend whom we lost on the shortest of terms!  A friend who pushed us into the mud, who shot us with an air-soft gun, a friend who called us names, but a friend none the less.  Yeah, what?

Anyway, we weren’t sure what to do after all this.  We needed entertainment, and fast!  Oh, and a side note:  if you’re looking for entertainment, don’t have access to a computer, video games, or a TV, do not, we repeat do not read the newspaper comics.  We learned that from experience. We are still having random bouts of vomit because of that mistake.  

So we couldn’t figure out what to do.  Of course, our first option was to piggyback off the neighbor’s Internet Connection, but then we remembered that the neighbor’s house was over 30 miles away.  The one time we want to be in contact with human life, and they are miles away from us.  Gosh, we hate people.

We’re starting to panic at this point when we are suddenly struck out of the blue by a spectacular idea- the library!  Obviously we hate all forms of literary which is probably the reason we didn’t think of the idea sooner, but we decide to go there anyway.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?  We figure that as long as we cover our eyes (to protect us from the rays of venom radiating of the books) we’ll be fine.  And actually, it worked!  

So the library came through for us in a pinch!  We were sure they’d charge some money to use the Internet (it’s what we’d do), but it was free!  Of course, we think we’d have ways to “convince” them to give it to us for free anyway, but we didn’t even need to resort to violent means!  It was a first time experience.  We’re not sure if we like it or not.

We’ve been writing this entire post on the library computer (we uploaded the picture off our email address), but we’re leaving now, as the librarians are giving us funny looks (at first we though they were admiring our outrageously handsome looks and incurable style, but now we’re not so sure).  We should have our Internet back in a few days, so don’t worry too much.  Maybe it would help if you sent us money.  Yes…  That would help…


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