The Sun Sucks, So Why Not Blow It Up?

Sounds like a good idea to us.  The Sun sucks, so why not blast it out of the sky?  We’ve never liked the Sun- it’s too bright and annoying.  We’ve had to suffer nearly every day of our young lives because of the stupid Sun shining down on us, making the sky pretty and blue.  Nearly makes us sick.

The only refuge we have are rainy days.  Those are the times we Tubbo’s shine.  The rest of the days are filled with torment and misery.  Why?  What, we didn’t forget to mention we’re both vampires, did we?

The Sun really doesn’t have any right to be up in the sky.  It’s too big and yellowish.  It should be falling right this second!  If it doesn’t have our authorization to be in the sky, it shouldn’t be.  After all, nothing goes on in this world without our say so, and if it can’t teach us the flying trick, it shouldn’t be able to do it.  Honestly, is there anything the Sun is good for?

We can live without it!  We have technology!  We have the numbers all worked out- blow up the Sun, and replace it with a huge can of Tomato Soup.  Genius!

Sure, our planet basically revolves around it, but that’s another thing that bugs us.  The world should revolve around us. This Sun is just a glory hog.  We hate it.  Let’s blow it up.  All we need are some nuclear missiles…  Found ’em.


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