We’ve Been Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

There has also been severe complications, including (but not limiting to) tumors located near our membranes, internal bleeding, and a ruptured appendix. 

We’re dying.  Please send donations (out of the goodness in your heart) to “tubbotwins” via wordpress.com.  Any amount is  is welcome, but $50.00+ is recommended.  Please…  Save your international Tubbo’s.



We’re just…  Waiting at death’s door.  Please.  Help us.  (Check out the real interview below):

Interviewer (Who’ll remain nameless):  Hello, Tubbo Twins.  So, how are you dealing with likely death?

Tubbo:  I dunno.

Dubba Tubba:  I think what really pulled both of us through is the donations our viewers sent.

Interviewer:  Mmm hmm.  And what are a few of the things you two want to do before you die?

Tubbo:  I wanna jump of the Great Wall of China.

Dubba Tubba:  I wanna eat a volcano.

Interviewer:  Umm…  Eat?

Dubba Tubba:  You got a problem with that?

Interviewer:  No no, of course not.

Tubbo:  Dubba Tubba, just leave the poor man alone.

Dubba Tubba:  No Tubbo, I think this guy has a problem with my life dream!

Interview:  I think I’ll be leaving…  The interview seems to be over…

Dubba Tubba:  You’s ain’t goin’ nowheres ’till you tell me what the hell’s wrong wit’ my dream!

–At this point, the interview ended, as the Interviewer made a dash for the door, but didn’t quite get out before Dubba Tubba caught him.  Needless to say, the Interviewer won’t be doing any interviews anymore.  Seriously, who wouldn’t wanna save people like the Tubbo’s?


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