Picking Your Nose Is Both Healthy And Attractive

Even Brad Does It.

We don’t know why nose-picking gets such a bad name.  Everyone does it, it’s just that nobody admits it.  Besides the occasional side effect of possible bleeding and/or death, it’s completely healthy.  In fact, recent studies show that the average non-picker dies twice as often of suffocation than the average picker.  With facts like that, nose-picking should be encouraged.  Especially in a multimillion business meeting with your boss- that’s the perfect time.

Picking your nose also makes you 20% more likely to get a date.  Did you know that when someone sees you picking your nose, the first thing that pops the attractee’s head is “Wow!  That guy is getting rid of boogers!” rather than popular belief (“Ew!”).  It also makes them think of you as a braver fighter (e.g. a solider) for picking in public.  Picking noses is very hip these days. 

Picking while eating, picking while biking, even picking in your sleep is considered “cool”.  Start a trend at work!  Picking could be the next big thing!  And, if you disagree with this post, you can make fun of us, but don’t make fun of picking noses…  It never harmed you.


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