We’ve Been Framed! (Legoless Part 2)

This is a continuation of The Biggest Nerd; Legoless. If you haven’t read that post yet, please do so before reading this.

Sup.  Ok, we’re assuming that you heeded the warning above and read the first post first, so you know the story.  Right?  Right.

Since we quit blogging for Legoless’s site, there have been mini flame wars going on all over Legoless’s blog, as well as other friends of Legoless.  Well, one of them got quite heated, resulting in our ban from that site as well as Legoless’s.  We didn’t really care as we were getting bored of the fighting anyway.  Besides, we were owning up those noobs.  There wasn’t much fight left in them when we left!

But then something happened that changed the entire war.  Something that no one forsaw.  Not even those phony palm-readers at the circus.  Guineapig, chief writer at Legoless’s blog, Guineapig, whose blog much of the fighting was on, invited us to become Authors at his site.  Whoa!

We didn’t get the email until the next day, as our life doesn’t revolve around Guineapig and Legoless, but by the next day it was far too late.

We checked our email a little while ago, and were shocked to see that not only had we gotten an invite to be an author for Guineapig, we had also gotten a flood for emails and comments.  Some of them were praising us, others were alterations of “This Site Sux!”.  All in all, there were about twenty emails and ten comments, some of which had been deleted.  But what intrigued us was a comment from Guineapig himself, which read:

“Tubbos, I am sure you hacked my site. I expect WordPress to destroy your account and delete your site soon, as I have contacted them about getting my posts back.”

That’s when we started gettting worried.  We knew we hadn’t hacked into his account, as we didn’t even know about becoming an Author until it was hacked into, but still!  This was big!  So we checked out other sites connected with our job at Legoless’s blog, and this is what we found:

HACKED.A post off Guineapigs site.


A comment off Legoless’s site made by Guineapig.


Post off Pokesav’s site.


An insulting post off Woof Mc Cool’s site.

There you have it, loyal Tubbo fans.  Everywhere, we’ve been framed for hacking into Guineapigs site, which we just didn’t do.  We already told everyone that we didn’t get the email inviting me to become author until AFTER the hacking took place, but it looks like our record has caught up to us.  Fans, you gotta believe us when we say that this was not our work.  Email Support saying you’ll have a few choice words if the Tubbo’s get deleted for something they didn’t do.

Well, that’s all we have to say.  We’ll keep you updated on this whole mess, providing we don’t get deleted.  Help will also be there for those in Tubbo Land who ask for.  Never mind.  Just keep an eye on this post in case of updates, and in the meantime, just comment of the sites we mentioned and send them your hate.  Thanks-

Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

UPDATE 1 (Nov. 8th):  We finally got an apology from some weird guy and Guineapig119, who seems to have come to his senses.  It also turns out that he didn’t add us to become an author at all- it was the hacker.  No one knows who the hacker is yet, but once he’s discovered, he’ll be dealing with the Tubbos.  Meaning that we’ll congratulate him.  Also, WordPress Support hasn’t emailed us back yet, which makes us think they’re lazy pigs who don’t care if their users get hacked.  Oops- shouldn’t say that when the can shut us down at any time…  (Read the several apologies we received from Legoless and Guineapig119 on the Contact Us page.)

One last note (it’s an email we recieved from ρокєѕДч/нџитєявџģ ): Ok I’m sorry I found out it wasn’t you but we still don’t know who it was originally before they framed you. I am sorry. Forgive me?

No we wont forgive him because he’s an ungrateful nerd who doesn’t understand the greatness that graced Legoless’s blog for a few short days.  But Tubbos always come out on top.  Let that be a lesson to you.

FINAL UPDATE (Nov. 8th):  The official news is in:  Wordpress Support cleared our name, and we got an “official” apology from Guineapig.  Check out the post he made as an apology (we’re putting it out to rub it in Guineapig119’s face):

Forgive us for doubting you, Tubbo.

Click here to view the original post on Guineapig119’s site.




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