The Biggest Nerd That Ever Walked The Planet: Legoless.

Some of you may remember us making a post about the two of us “joining” Legoless’s site (it has since been deleted).  As far as we’re concerned, the brief time we spent at Legoless’s site never even happened.  We’ve never been at a different blog- just this one.

Click here to be taken to the suckish cesspool that is Legoless’s blog.

The story?  Ok, it goes like this.  Legoless has been literally begging us for the past few weeks to join his blog.  We didn’t really want to at the time (we’ve been pretty busy), but we figure “Hey!  We’d get lots of views!  Why not?” (Legoless’s blog is surprisingly popular), but as it turns out, there were quite a few reasons why we shouldn’t have joined Legoless’s blog.  One, he was only putting us at the author level.  If we are gonna join a blog, we want FULL CONTROL.  An author only gets to make and edit his own posts.  We wanted to be the head of everything, but Legoless said no.  That right there should have been a warning sign not to join, but we didn’t take it serious enough.

And two, he already had like three brat-butt kids writing for him who had such horrific grammar that we could barely read one post without wondering if the writer belonged to a mental institution.  Again, that should have put off some red flags in our head, but we couldn’t get over how much free popularity we’d be getting.  We know, we know.  A bit “sell-outy”, but we bet at least 75% of our readers would have done the same thing.  Oh, and for the nerdy 25% of the people that wouldn’t have, please stop reading this and drive your car off a cliff.

Anyway, we joined as author.  We made our first post the day we joined (the whole point of the post was insulting Legoless.  His fans didn’t take kindly to this), and then one more two days later.  Both were met with great, if a little mixed acclaim.  The mixed part is because not everyone likes people who make fun of authorities and hack into Club Penguin (which is what our second post was about).  Anyway, after practically doubling Legoless’s views, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, Legoless did the unthinkable.  He fired us.

What the hell?

We can’t think of a single good reason why he would fire us.  Trust us, we’ve tried asking him for days why in the world he fired us after begging us to join.  Actually, we couldn’t believe ourselves first, and, thinking it was some kinda sick joke, emailed WordPress Support.  But no.  Legoless really did take us off his blog.

Since then, Legoless has deleted all our posts, comments, and comments from random people asking “where did those two amazing writers you recently hired go?”.  Every trace that we’d ever been a write there is gone.  But that’s fine by us.  We’d probably have quit anyway once we came to our senses.  After all, Legoless is the biggest nerd that was ever “born” in a satanic ritual, and we just don’t associate well with that type.

Well fans, you have your original Tubbos back.  This is it- we’re never joining a nerdy blog for views again.  And hey!  It actually did pay off!  We’re having more views that usual.  We wonder if Legoless’s fans have wandered over here.  Hope not…  Legoless has slimy monstrous cretins for fans.  Not at all like our fans, who are spectacularly attractive and intelligent, regardless of the names we normally call them.

UPDATE NOV. 8th:  We’ve been framed by Legoless’s friend.  Click here to read part 2 of this article!



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