Drink Coke And Join The War! (Plus More Interesting Propaganda)

It always amuses us when we see hidden propaganda that’s disguised as something that’s supposed to help people.  It’s almost always obvious to pick out the tidbits of propaganda when you see it, but sadly, some people fall for it.  But alas, this post isn’t dedicated to making fun of stupid people who fall for the governments plots.  No, this post is gonna show you our favorite propaganda ads and retailers.  And then we’ll make fun of stupid people.

Oh, but first, here’s a little something we may slip into a bookmark or something similar- it’s a summary of the Utopia “Tubbo-Land”.  It’s an anarchy in Cambodia, it’s hard but it’s life!

We’ll ration out toast, cheese, and kitty litter once a day to the citizens of Tubbo Land.  All the trees will be blue, the rain pink, and little butterflies will be shot down by the millions.  People will be told lame jokes while they try to fall asleep (why did the boy throw the clock out the window?  Too see time fly!), and all the jokes will be ones they’ve heard before.  People not only dress in black, but pink and baby blue, and the uniform code will include polka-dots!  Yesssssss…

Isn’t it wonderful?  Anyways, now for the pictures:

We were watching an episode of Seaseme Street (we were bored, ok?), and this sick message popped up!  It scared us half to death!  Seriously, Tubbo, who happened to be holding an M16 at the time, got so scared he shot a hole in the TV set before he realized what it was.  We’ve heard about subliminal messages before, but this just popped up and pooped in our face saying “Join the army!”.  How intrusive can you get?  And on a kids television show (that’s actually funny sometimes- don’t make fun of us.)?  Ugh.

This is a screen-shot off the Alex’s Lemonade Stand site.  The only reason we knew about this is because it was on a menu at a restaurant we ate at.  Bill (our dad) ordered us a kiddy menu, and this monstrosity was on it.  It had all this brainwashing nonsense about how we should steal money from banks and then send it to them to help them in a scam about cancer.  Alex probably isn’t even real- she was invented by the corporation to take advantage of people’s good will.  It was meant for people like us!  We have lots of goodwill!  Like the time we…  Umm…  On to the next picture!

This one might seem odd too the casual viewer, but it makes since.  John Deere is gonna take over the world and force us all to drive tractors to work.  He has henchman everywhere.  Someday when we least expect he’ll strike.  Are we scaring you?  

That’s it for weird propaganda.  Watch out, and always be on your toes!  Bye bye, my pretties.


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