Little List of Snappy Yahoo Answer Retorts

Because some of you don’t have the joy in life to read all of our Yahoo Answer responses, we are filling you in on some of the best ones.  But before we do that, the title of this post.  Isn’t it great?  We love the word “snappy”.  It’s such a snapilishis word- we wanna keep saying it over and over and over.  Snappy snappy snappy!


    1.  Question: Has some little tart answered a question of yours and called you stupid- and did it feel good when clicked the block her @$$ button?

Answer:  No, stupid.  What a stupid question, stupid.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!


    2. Question: I just got my heart back in pieces 😦 … Any advice on how too mend it?

Answer:  One word: Implant.


    3.  Question: Do you think critical thinking is common sense?

Answer:  Hahahahaha!  What is this “common sense” you speak of?


    4.  Question: What state am I in?  No fair listing all states…

Answer:  We know your address too.  Want us to post it?


     5.  Question: My friend (Jake) wants to be muscle-y, but is too lazy…  What should I do?

Answer:  Oh, I get it… ‘Jake’ is lazy. Heh heh… *Wink wink*. Maybe you should tell this ‘Jake’ to get his head out of his butt and suck up his fat for a while. It’s a holiday in Cambodia, buddy!


    6.  Question: What comes next in the quote “ask and you shall be givin, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you…”?

Answer:  “Ask and you shall be givin, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you, and then poop in your pants for buying into this propaganda.”

~Whoever said it before me.


    7.  Question: If you had $40,000 to spend on a car, what you would you buy?  You HAVE to buy a car. imagine it to be some sort of contest or something and you won a car coupon. I need ideas for my 16th birthday present!

Answer:  Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.  Seriously?


    8.  Question: What is another game like Runescape?

Answer:  Have you tried Nerdscape?


    9.  Question: Where can I find the Kid Rock song “American Badass”?  

Answer:  Why would you WANT to find a Kid Rock song? Personally, we try to avoid them.


    10.  Question: What would you do if the bride/groom said ‘NO!’ and ran away at the wedding?

Answer:  We were going to answer this question with something better than the answer we’re giving right now, but we decided that Yahoo Answers would probably delete my account.

That’s it.  Please note that the only time we edited these are when the question/response is too long.  We did all the answers, other people we don’t know did the questions.  No, we’re not giving them credit.  Boo-hoo.


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