We’re NOT Going Political

There are too many blogs floating around WordPress that are just about politics!  Practically all the posts on the Hawt Posts area are about politics!  They’re either “Oh, Obama is gonna get crushed.” or “McCahin is going down.”!  And yes, we know we spelled McCahin wrong.  It wasn’t on purpose, either.  It just shows how little we know about the upcoming US election.  Seriously, who cares about a crappy election?  Even if we could vote, we wouldn’t.

We’re four years old!!  Does WordPress seriously expect kids like us to care about politics in the slightest?  Plus, Wordpress isn’t just for America.  There are Australians on here too, just like us!  And anyway, we only pledge our allegiance to one flag:  the “Tubbo Flag of Supreme Brainwashed Justice”.


We’re an Anarchy!  Anarchy in the Tubbo K.!

Slaves!  All of you are slaves!  Moo ha ha ha ha!!  Er…  Never mind.  Nothing wrong here at Tubbo Corp. folks.  Everything’s just dandy.

So that pretty much covers it.  We’re not changing over to a political site like most blogs are lately.  We wont even have a political post, unless you count this one, which is pretty much an inside view about how you all will be kneeling before the twisted flag of Tubbo someday.  Slaves!


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