The Return of the Tyrant

This post is about the Babysitter.  If you don’t know who the Babysitter is already, click here.

It’s back.  We don’t know how, we don’t know why…  But she’s back.  Back to kill us all.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  We’re sorry (yeah right), but the Babysitter is getting to us.  We haven’t written about the Babysitter for a while, so even if you read the articles above, you may be a little behind, so here’s the story so far:

Before our current babysitter named Nanny, we had an older, eviler, more sinister-looking babysitter, known simply as the Babysitter.  Older Tubbo fans will remember her, as she was still babysitting us when we got this site.  Anyway, after a few months of babysitting, she disappeared.  Bill (our Dad) said she was going on vacation, but she never came back.  

He suspected she just need a change, and decided to move, but only we know the truth.  She was convicted of murder and was on the run.  But then she got caught!  She was in prison for a few months, but a little while ago she escaped.  That’s when she first started trying to snuff us (we may have been just a little hard on her- we caused her to go crazy).  Sure, we we’re never the BEST kids to watch, but she didn’t have to go insane.  We talk about her first try at us in the post “How Lazyness Save Our Life” (there’s a link above titled Lazyness.  That’s the same one), but to summarize it, she basically planted a bomb in our riding mower, and if not for a fluke, one of us (Tubbo) wouldn’t be sitting here writing the truth.  Say, maybe THAT’S why she tried to kill one of us…

Anyway, Bill didn’t believe us, thinking we we’re doing our usual joking (actually, planting a bomb in the mower DOES sound like something we’d do), but we figured it didn’t matter.  The Babysitter would get caught before long, right?  WRONG.  

After that, Nanny disappeared.  We think she’s in cahoots with the Babysitter, because now the position of Babysitting us is free, and guess who just turned up to reclaim the position?  That’s right- the Babysitter.  She’s returned.

Which brings us back to the present, so we can stop writing in those annoying slanty letters.  We just though they seemed pro.  Anyway, back to the point of this post.  The Babysitters back!  Understand? B-a-c-k.  We’ve been forced into hiding in the basement to write Tubbo posts now that computers have been banned.  We can’t let her find us, or she might-

Just kidding, we haven’t been caught.  Yet.  We think she might be trying to make our life hell before she goes in for the kill.  But we wanna make her life bad too, so we’re posting this picture we made of her to the public!  Enjoy folks.  We don’t know how long the Babysitter will stay ignorant to it, and when she finds it, it’ll go down.

Ok, maybe her skin isn’t COMPLETELY green, and she can’t quite breath fire YET, but otherwise, this is a pretty accurate picture.  It’s only a matter of time before she starts looking like this.

Anyway, we aren’t sure what we’re gonna do about the Babysitter yet.  Bill, poor poor Bill, still thinks she is a good Babysitter, and we haven’t caught any of her torturing sessions on film yet to prove what she really is (she always breaks the camera when she finds it).  We don’t know how long we can keep up resisting her.  Tubbo practically has a broken arm from twisting, and Dubba Tubba ribcage is bruised.  We need reinforcemnts!  But we still have operation N00dle.  Heh heh heh…

On another note, if you see any posts end with an “-” mid-sentence (example: what’s up Tub-), then you know she caught us.  We hope you never have to see th-


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