Yahoo Missed Out On Two Paying Customers Pt. 2

Did you miss out on “Yahoo Just… Pt. 1”?

Read the original article here.

We were actually hoping against hope that we wouldn’t be forced to write another article about Yahoo so soon.  But there have just been so many mistakes on their part that we couldn’t shove of the burden of complaining about society (namely Yahoo).  We’ll try to keep this short.

Ok, assuming you read the first article (if not, what the heck are you doing here?  Click the link above.), you know that Yahoo forced us to get “Mom or Dad” before we could make an account?  Stupid, right?

Well, obviously we lied and said we where 18, despite announcing that we wouldn’t.  That’s like two lies for the price of one, buy on get one free, and a discount coupon to McDonalds (yuck)!  Awesome.  So we got an account, but that’s when the big mistakes starting happening.  First of all, the “Coffee Breaks”.  About every five minutes, Yahoo must take one of it’s Coffee Breaks to recharge.  What kinda website needs to recharge?  Folks, if the Tubbo Website ever has to recharge, we invite you to hunt us down, and tar and feather us.

There’s nothing we hate more than a lazy website.  That image pops up on the Yahoo screen about every five minutes (minus the coffee stain and cup)!  Terrible.  We don’t think we’ve ever gone on Yahoo Answers without that idiotic message popping up.

From now on, we’re never using Yahoo again.  This is a boycott.  We’re taking our buisness to Google for everything from a Search Engine to an email adress.  Also, we’ve stopped sending email subscriptions to people with adresses.  Send letters of complaint, loyal fans.  And we seriously hope we wont need to write another page about Yahoo again.


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One response to “Yahoo Missed Out On Two Paying Customers Pt. 2

  1. punk

    they really take coffee breaks woooooow

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