We WILL Tread On You

Whose Gonna Stop Us?

If we wanna tread on a stupid looking snake, we will, and no one’s gonna stop us.  If we wanna give it a butt slam, we will.  If we think farting on it is appropriate, then WE WILL FART ON IT.

Some of you may call us Nazi’s or something, but we assure you, we’re just Tubbos.  Tubbos who want to rule the world.  And who have blue eyes, have short blonde hair, and keep large furnaces.  But that’s besides the point; we aren’t gonna stop us from “treading” on a flag that says Don’t Tread On Me.  We do what we want!  We’ve considered burning down the Babysitters garage because there was a sign in her yard that said “No Trespassing” and in smaller letters under it “This Means You, Tubbos”.  I mean, it seems obvious that putting that sign up asking people to stay off her property would cause her house to burn down, right?

It’s fun doing the exact opposite of what people want, and being “unpatriotic”.  Damn you, Australia!

We aren’t punk in drublic…


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