Yahoo Just Missed Out On Two Paying Customers

We decided to, just for the heck of it, create a Yahoo account, so we could answer a few questions on Yahoo answers, advertise this site, and possibly make a large donation if we liked what we saw.  So we were filling out the identity questions and crap like that, when it asked us for our age (as many sites do).  Well, as we’re both four years old, that’s what we typed in.  Who cares if we’re four if we’re willing to make a donation?  But apparently it matters to Yahoo, as indicated by the next page it showed us.Yahoo Sucks Balls

WHAT THE HECK?  “Please get your mom or dad!”?  We don’t need help to set up a basic Yahoo account, and we definitely don’t need permission.  We consider this censorship in the fullest!  18 year old to make a simple email account?  That’s simply ridicules!  Do they think we’re idiots?  Do they think we’re gonna get kidnapped from getting a Yahoo ID?

“Oh, I’ve got a great idea, Dubba Tubba!  Lets make a Yahoo Account, post our names and address’s, and hope we don’t get kidnapped because Yahoo let us get an account before we’re 18!”  

Seriously, they just lost two good costumers, and about a 10,000 dollars in donations.  Of course, we could have just faked our age and said we’re 18, but we don’t need to stoop that low.  Instead, we’re taking our business Gmail, and we hope you all join us.  Boycott Yahoo!  Down with Yahoo!


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