The Tubbo Bande – Our Debut

Note that Cotton & Come On Later (mentioned below) are just ac couple of our friends who happen to have outrageously weird names, and that’s coming from twins with the names “Tubbo & Dubba Tubba”.

Of course, we Tubbo’s have had a band for a while (Tubbo – Guitar and Vocals, Dubba Tubba – Bass and Vocals, Come On Later – Drums, Cotton – Horns), but we haven’t released any albums yet.  Well, that’s about to change in a few weeks.  In the meantime however, we’re giving you a sneakpeek of the concept album art.  We made about three covers, and wanna know what you guys think.  Oh ya, and here’s a song that’s going on one of them: we’re thinking about opening it as our single.  It’s called “Through the Flames and Fire”.

Well ok, that’s actually Dragonforce’s song (Through the Fire and Flames), but we still do it better.  Anyway, here’s the artwork we promised.  Keep in mind that some of these are future albums, and not ALL may be released, but we know the public is dying for a Tubbo album.

We’re…  The Tubbo Bande.

That one’s just called “The Tubbo Bande”.

Yes, we tried to put an “E” on the end of band.  Witty, right?

Notice the Parental Advisory stick on the album?  We took a peak at album sale charts, and noticed that albums with the explicit lyrics warning sell better than those without.  MCR is the perfect example of this.  Of course we Tubbo’s are ruthless potty mouths anyway (poo-poo!), but even if we don’t swear once in an album, the sticker’s going on anyway.

Also, see how we labeled ourselves in the picture?  Not only is that to help new viewers know who we are, it was also to draw attention to a weird man who somehow got into our album artwork.  We don’t who he is, or how he got there!  Just a random guy we waddled into the shot (emphasis on “waddled”).  Needless to say our guards caught him, beat him up, and stole his “Gee-tar”.  And we farted on him, which is worse than all the other punishments our guards dealt out on its own.


We call this one “No More Curious George”.

No doubt the bloody custom work will cause waves of controversy.  What’s worse than seeing an old friend being bloodily massacred by King Kong?  This is, of course, our second album, and we didn’t the artwork disturbing for nothing.  In case our first album doesn’t sell well (highly unlikely, but just in case), we made this album artwork to shock people into buying it.  People like things that shock and offend them, as long as it doesn’t don’t bore them.  Ha ha, simple minded fools!  It’s entertainment, and it works.  Why do you think stupid people visit and subscribe to our site (unless you count the fact that’s awesome)?  Oh ya, that reminds us of something we’ve been meaning to say to the kind folks who visit our website daily:  you suck.

This is titled “Future Purrrrfect”.

Everyone knows we hate cats.  You know it, we know it, Jake Smitty who lives across the way knows it.  And one of the reasons we hate cats so much is ’cause we know they’re evil.  One day they are gonna destroy the world using a combination of mind-reading, unnatural disasters, and kitty litter.  That’s right, they drown people it kitty litter.  We know- it’s hard comprehending the twisted mind of a cat, but try to keep up.  That’s why this album artwork and title song is devoted to raising awareness of the evil ways of cats.  DEATH TO CATS!  DEATH TO CATS!

Well, until we release our albums, that’s all we got for you.  Stay tuned for more Tubbo news, and don’t pet cats.  Until next time…  Tubbo, signing out.

(Did you like that ending phrase?  We got the idea from the news.)







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