Pete Wentz Iz a Vampire, Boyz.

Peter Wentz or vampire?

Yep, we have suspected for some time.  Just look at the vampire-ish features.  The punch drunk look.  The sunken-in eyes.  The dark lines under them.  Clearly Patrick Stump, guitarist in Fall Out Boy (stupid boy bands) is a vampire.  He was always a little scary looking, but no doubt this will shock the nation.

Keep this in mind when you go to their next concert (or better yet, don’t go to their concerts at all): don’t get close to any members, don’t accept any free redish drinks, and keep a cross or steak with you at all times.

All emo’s go vampire before long; it’s only a matter of time.  There are probably tons vampires out there that we don’t even know about.  Hawthorne Heights, Matchbox 20, Taking Back Sunday, all likely vampires.  It’s just that no one knows it yet.  And notice how once they start sucking blood, there music starts sucking as well?  Seriously, who likes emo music?  We can be emo too!  How hard is it to write emo lyrics?

Oh no, she dumped me!

Now the world is greeeeeey…

She never liked me…

I’ll make her paaaaaaay,

Because the world it greeeeeey…

And the world is grey (she dumped me)!

Cut cut cut cut cuuuuuuuuut!

Red and black are my favorite colors…

And she dumped me (the sky is greeeeey)!

That little number write there is called “She Dumped Me (The World Is Grey)/The Sky Is Greeey (She Dumped Me)”.  Tell us what you think.  But seriously, that’s how all emo songs go.  Repeating the same depressing words over and over and over and over.  The only good bands out there are metal and punk bands.  They’re the only “safe” ones, to.  Have you ever seen a member of Metallica get arrested for sucking someone’s blood (Lars doesn’t count)?


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