We Got An Award!!! (Youtube)

Today, Monday, August 11th, 2008, it happened. WE WON AN AWARD. Yes folks, today we we re greeted with an email saying we won the 81st best director on Youtube! Yay!

We were just flicking through our channels and videos, when we saw this big medal on our page! It was red, and yellow, and shiny. And it’s ours! We knew our videos were awesome, but 81st director… Sweet! Here’s a few picture:

Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t is shiny? Isn’t it super-cali-fragilistic-expalis-doshish? Well, we suppose we’ll be getting lots of awards like this now that we’re on Youtube. We knew that putting the Tubbo’s on Youtube would do something like this. And this is only the beginning! Soon we’ll have thousands of awards like this!

The video that won this award was “Olympic Screw-Ups”, which you can watch on the Tubbo Website, too. Go too the Home Page and go to [Tubbo Video’s] or something like that. We Tubbo’s appeal to popular demand. We knew those so-called “Olympics” were gonna be big, and everyone would be searching for bloopers, so that’s what we gave ’em. Simple minded fools…

Check out our profile yourself at: www.youtube.com/tubbotwins

UPDATE AUGUST 12th: It’s been three days since we got the award, and we figured out it updates itself, so if you want to know EXACTLY how what number of best director we are, you’ll have to keep checking. Last time we checked, we were 69th best director (not 81st as the picture indicates). Tubbo’s just keep moving up and up!

UPDATE AUGUST 21st: Today, Youtube took our award away.  We only had it for two weeks, but don’t worry- we plan on getting another soon.

UPDATE JANUARY 10th:  Final hit count for the video that got us this award (Olympic Screw-ups):  12,565.


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