Construction Workers are Dopes

The other day, we we’re going down to the Supreme National Health Club (which we are supreme sponsors to) to play a game of tennis, or maybe swim around the pool once we figure out how to swim without sinking.  But our dreams of semi-laziness were shattered.  Shattered by dopey construction workers.

Please note that we considered multiple insulting expressions to use on construction workers, but “dopey” just seemed to fit them best.  Sorry if it seems a bit “childish”, dopes.

If there is one thing we hate more than the Babysitter (unlikely), it’s dopey construction workers.  They go around the premise thinking they own the place!  All they do is drill through cement and put a bit of tar in a few cracks.  How hard is that?  We’ve drilled through faces with our feet, we can drill through cement too.  Construction workers think they are doing soo much work, in the blazing hot sun when in reality ANYONE could do it, without complaining mind you.


Whine, whine, whine!  They barely get any work done at all, what with all their complaining.  We tell ya, if we where their employer, we’d fire them in a second.  With real fire.  At least then they’d have something to complain about.

And then they always boss us around!  “Stay off the wet cement!”    “Don’t mess with the bulldozer!”    “No touching the drill!”   “Stop, you’re killing him!”  Jeez, lighten up, alright?  It’s like they blame us for there life sucking!  It’s not our fault your a dopey construction worker, is it?  Maybe you got a few too many “F”s back in school, huh? Maybe you should have cared about education and academics instead of allowing beer and football ruling your life, which, by coincidence, NO ONE CARES ABOUT in the real world!  But you already know that.  You’re a construction worker.

The only thing cool about construction workers are there hardhats.  We admit those are okay.  Sometimes.

So construction workers, pick up your redneck, bucktoothed ass and trip into a hole of cement.  Thanks.  Your country is proud of you.


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