Let us spam you; we know you like it.

We recently made a new spam email to advertise for the Tubbo Site, and we liked it so much, we wanted to share it.  If you liked the email, sign up so you can receive them yourself!  Fun for the whole family!  Cancel Friday night movies, cuddle up next to the computer, and read aloud the email you received from us that morning!  The kids will love it!


To: Mark Harren (######@mac.com)

From: The Official Tubbo Website (######@theofficialtubbowebsite.com)

Hi Friend,
My name is Greg Chandel, and I just got back from my 10,000,000th visit to the Official Tubbo Website!  The Official Tubbo Website has forever changed my life, and it can change yours too!  I laughed!  I cried!  I lost 15 pounds!
The first time I visited their site, I thought it a little odd.  But upon further a-looksy, I realized the genius behind the beings called Tubbo and Dubba Tubba.
Do you wanna go to the website that completely altered my outlook on life (and twisted my brain as a bonus)?  Of course you do!
Did you get that?  I will give it too you again!
I used to have a family, a religion, and a home without wheels, but now all I have is the Tubbo Site, and I’ve never been happier!  Woo-hoo!
Go to the site now, and have you view on the world completely skewed!  A twisted site of humor, insults, and just plain greatness!  You should all be honored that the Tubbo’s let you view their site!  You don’t deserve the Tubbo Website!  IT’S A GIFT TO THE WORLD!  ACCEPT IT, GODDAMIT!  Let me make this scarily clear: visit the Tubbo Website now, or I will run your baby over with my lawn mower.  So visit.  Now.  Now.  NOW!
Allow me to end this invitation to the most warped party on the planet with the quote of a genius: “We rule everything.  We rule you, too.” -Tubbo Grey
Gregory “Weirdo” Chandel
Want a spam email like this of your very own?  Sign up for our spam-mailing list here.  Normally we charge people for our spam emails, but now, just because you’re a special person (*pfft*), you can receive our spam emails FREE.  Lucky you!  Sign up now.  Or else we’ll spam you.
Gregory “Twisted” Chandel

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