How Laziness Saved Our Life

–This Post Was Made Entirely By Tubbo–

–Most Posts Are Made By Both Tubbo & Dubba Tubba–

–But Not This One–

It all began on a blistering day in the backyard…

Nanny (our new babysitter since the original Babysitter got sent to jail) had just asked me to mow the lawn.  Dubba Tubba was hiding from Nanny because he put spiders in her dress, so he was no help.  I was forced into the garage to start the mower.  Of course, it was a riding mower, so it wouldn’t have been a lot of work, but I had better things to do then mow the lawn.  We have servants for trivial things like that.  But of course, Nanny didn’t care.  She isn’t paid to care (she’s paid to torture).

Normally, I like running over things with the riding mower, but I wasn’t in the mood.  But I didn’t have a choice in the matter this time.  So I had just started the lawn mower, when I heard a small ticking noise.  I passed it off as a faulty wire or some crap like that, and put the mower into “drive”.  But the lawn mower continued to tick.  “Screw it”, I muttered to myself.  I was already thinking of ways to run off and get out of the job, when I noticed that Nanny was still watching me (from behind a bomb shelter).  Suspicious?  Yeah.

Finally, I decided that to get out of mowing the grass, I would have to be suffering from slight heat stoke.  This was believable because it was like 95 out (Australia gets nasty heat, mate).  I had no sooner informed Nanny of my infliction and promised I would do it later tonight than the entire mower went up in flames!  Heat radiated, burning everything in a 10 feet radius!  A bomb had been planted in the mower!  Who would do such a thing?

Through many tests that we did, we came to one conclusion as to who set the bomb; The Babysitter.  She must have broken out of prison to sabotage our mower.  She may have even been in cahoots with our new babysitter Nanny.  Either way, there was one thing that save Tubbo from a fiery grave.  Laziness.  Yup, laziness saved my life. 

There is a point to this, kiddies.  Be lazy, and you will be rewarded.  Also, check your riding mower before you take it for a spin.


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