The Magic Picture

“There is no God.”
     -Harry Windell

“Make it go away!  Ahhhhh!”
     -Jack Teryy 

“The horrors!  The horrors!”  
     -Victor Smith

“It’s cooooooool!”
     –The late Gregory “Weirdo” Chandel

All of the above are comments on the latest Tubbo Device we just invented.  The amazing, the horrible, the downright socially-unacceptable…  Magic Picture!!!  Scared yet?


Only for those with a strong heart.

Do not proceed if you have frequent heart-attacks and/or seizure tendencies.

This is no joke.  Three people have been killed by shock after viewing this, and another had to be hospitalized.  1/5 of all it’s viewers have had uncontrollable spasms (spaz’s!) after viewing.  You have gotta ask yourself, is it really worth going through life peeing yourself for looking at The Magic Picture?  Of course not.

But if you truly feel the need to view this terrible, terrible picture, you may proceed.  Just bear in mind that we at Tubbo Corp. hold no responsibility for the injury/death of your incompetence after viewing such a picture, and are not liable for any fatalities that may occur.  Don’t sue us.

Seriously, we really don’t recommend looking at this picture, but we wont stop you.  All we are gonna say is that Jennie was a good kid, and that we hope she rests in peace.

Here goes.  If you are truly ready, go below, and click on the picture below:


Did you click it?  You probably wussed out!  Not that anyone is blaming you… Of course, now, if you didn’t click on it, you’ll go through life remembering, “I didn’t click on that picture!  I wonder what it is.”  You just can’t win.  Hmm… Go through life twitching with absolute fear and insomnia, or go through life with guilt and eternal regret?  It’s your choice.


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