Joe is Viewtiful

Now normally we don’t write reviews.  We leave that up to nerds and the professionals.  But every so often, we play a game so incredible that we just have to rave about it.  Viewtiful Joe is one of those (even if it forces us to write in pink- play the game and you’ll understand).  Now, on to the review!


Of course, we like a lot of video games- Legend of Zelda, Halo, Mario, all the classics.  But we have a special place in our heart for one game in particular, and that game is Viewtiful Joe.  Imagine bone crushing punches in three speeds.  It can go Ba-a-a-m!  BAM!  Or Bambambambam!  You can zoom in and do special moves!  And all the action is intense and fast paced.  There has never been a better game.

Now, some nay-sayers might come up with the fact that the graphics are cartoon-y and bad.  But we say this is a good example of game with graphics that do exactly what they set out to do.  They go for the “cartoony” look on purpose.

Joe2Sure, they are a little glitchy (they were from the GCN era) but it never gets in the way of the game.

Even the story is great (we’ll spoil things for you- the Butler did it), with the whole movie theme going through the entire game.  How many games revolve around a nerd who loves movies, gets transferred into the movie realm, and still end up being epic?  We need more games like Viewtiful Joe.  That’s another thing!  The name!  How can a name be any cooler than Viewtiful Joe?  Except, of course Tubboful Joe, or maybe Viewtiful Tubbo…

There needs to be more original games like Viewtiful Joe.  Too many games today revolve around sports, shooting, or minigames.  There’s nothing wrong with a few good shooters now and then, but we’d pick an creative (and fun) game over a generic shooter game any day of the week.

Joe1There is just so many great things about Viewtiful Joe that we can’t possibly mention them all, but one thing we really like about it is how it isn’t all raw action.  There’s a lot of fighting in it of course (we Tubbo’s are like anyone else- loving violence, blood, and anything discouraged by parents), but it is well spread out.  For one thing, you have to dodge attacks using the control pad.  After that, you have an opening in which you can either speed up your attacks or slow them down (increasing your power by a lot).  You can also purchase other moves from the store.  There are also puzzles thrown into the game, some of them being quite hard. 

We can’t recommend this game highly enough.  Viewtiful Joe (AKA Tubboful Joe) is genius.  Not as genius as us, but still.  If you don’t already have this game (we bet you don’t- it’s rare.  We were forced to steal it from our local video-renting store…  Whatever the hell those things are called.), buy it now.  10/10.

Pure Viewtiful.



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