Tubbo’s Favorite Quotes

Over the years, we have said many different things to many different people.  All these things we said are obviously awesome because we’re the ones saying them.  And where are the people we said them to?  All dead.  That’s right, every single one hung himself after witnessing the truth that is TUBBO and DUBBA TUBBA.  Rawr.  Often times our sayings stick in our mind, but until now we haven’t thought of anything to do with them except say them over and over. But now, we have decided to make a whole article about our favorite quotes! Yay! Learn these, and you’ll become a master of word battling in no time!

“Take a courtesy wipe!” This is a great one because it implies that the victim hasn’t wiped recently.  Eww.  Just kidding, it’s pretty awesome.

“Cry me a river.” This one is sharp, sarcastic, and uncaring.  Great when someone is continually whining.

“Poop off, turd-face.” Two references to poop, and two insults for the price of one!

“Grow down, geezer.” Regardless of age, this is a great comeback whenever some says “Grow up.” to you.  Plus, it has two “G”‘s in it, so it rolls of the tongue.

“Life’s like a box of poops.  You never know watcha gonna get.” The original quote is “Life’s like a box of chocolates…” but we think “poops” has more tone.

“What would Tubbo do?” It’s great because you could make little bands that say W.W.T.D. for your kids to remind them, and we would make millions.  It’s also great because Tubbo would usually start violence in any situation, so you really don’t have to think too hard.

“Idiots will be idiots.  Just look at (Victims Name)!” This is great whenever someone strikes up a conversation talking about how much of an idiot What’s His Face is being.  For “Victims Name” put in whoever started the conversation.

“What a Nerd!” Short but sweet.  Use this whenever someone says something stupid or trips down the stairs.  Warning: This only works if you put a bit of an accent spin on it and carry the “nerd” part in it like this:  “What a neeeeeerd!”

“Blah blah butt, no one cares!” Use this whenever someone on the phone says “Blah.

“T-t-today, Jr!” Great for whenever someone stutters.

“Too stupid!” For whenever anyone says anything.

“I’m rubber your glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.” Just kidding, we would never say anything like this, but on the rare occasion someone does say something like this, look below for the perfect comeback.

“Never talk again (swift kick in the shins).” When we say “swift kick in the shins”, we don’t mean say it.  We mean do it.

Well, that about covers everything.  We hope we shared a bit of our genius and wisdom with you.


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