Spring Water Tastes Like Poop

Have you been drinking Bottled Spring Water such as Aquafina or Dasani lately? If you have, then you know what we are gonna be talking about today: the fact that Spring Water tasted like crap.

We see some people walking around drinking their fancy “All Natural” bottles of water and it just baffles us. Why would anyone pay for poop water when they could drink normal water for free? And it does taste like poop! It isn’t water! Drink some right now, focus entirely on tasting it, and you will see what we mean. It’s like someone crapped into each bottle before sending it off for sales. And the guy had just eaten McDonald’s or something.

Sometimes if you get an extra poop-filled bottle, you can actually see the brown tint in it. We can barely stand it when we see an unsuspecting costumer purchase a cold poop drink on a hot day and then guzzle it down. How many lives have these vile drinks taken?

Check out this poop water. This is what you’ve been drinking.  Pretty sick, right?

Ick, PoopWell, I guess The Babysitter needs something to drink too, right?  All we can say is you’ll never catch us dead drinking some of that crap.

We can picture the new ads for this already: “Drink Poop Water!  It’s Babysitter approved!”  Drink this crap if you like, we aren’t stopping you, but we will say we told you so at your funeral.


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