Don’t stop at read lights, or we’ll arrest you.

Seriously, who stops at red lights anymore?  Totally tacky.  They just get in your way.  Red lights are completely unnecessary.  Slowing you down here, slowing you down there . . . And we’ve have had enough of it!  From now on, we zoom through green lights and red ones.  And speed limits?  We’re not even sure what those mean.  We assume they’re the minimum speed (going slower than them will get you shot where we live) or possibly the suggested minimum speed, but we don’t know for sure and we don’t WANT to know for sure.  If we don’t know, they can’t hurt us.

If you happen to live in Australia somewhere by us at the time of this amazing writing and we see you zoom through a red light as if it wasn’t there, we know that maybe, just maybe, you read this article and have such utmost respect for us that you would risk jail time to do what we say.  Normally, we would salute you, but we think you should salute us for thinking this awesome idea up.  See you in jail, loyal Tubbo fan!

To wrap up this article, we would just like to pound the following message into your (small) brains one more time: don’t stop at red lights.  Or else we’ll arrest you.  Make your country proud, ignore the rules of the road.  THE ROAD CAN’T TAME THIS SPIRIT, RAAAAAWWWWRRRR!



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