Aliens Are Real

Sadly, there are some skeptics in this world who deny the obvious fact that aliens do in fact exist.  They live among us, studying our way of life!  And then, one day, they will strike.  The truth is not all grim, however.  But before we speculate the appending doom and how to stop it, we will show you never before seen proof that aliens are real.                                                                                                                          

There it is.  Undeniable proof that aliens are real.  Below is an alien transport-pad, called by others the “UFO”, or Undeniable, sorry, Unidentified Flying Object.                                                     

 How can you reject a fine picture like this by still saying UFOs and aliens don’t exist?  We with you on this one, fans.  You can’t.  Some may argue, “Well the picture is kinda blurry, un-sharp, and old!”.  Well, that is why we took the liberty to touch it up.  Sharpened the image, brightened the color, you know the drill.  Now look at it.

You can actually see heat radiating of it, skewing the air around it.  The UFO itself becomes a bit distorted from the pressure.  And in the light, you can see very well that there is no wires holding it up.  This is real.  

Now, some of you non-believers may be asking, “Fine, they showed us a UFO, but where are the aliens?” and we have now decided to show you a real picture of an alien.  That’s right this is the moment of truth.    

There it is, no joke.  

We don’t think any “touching up” is   necesary, do you?  

This is a real alien picture, taken when we were camping in the great out back.  The flash scared it away, but needles to say we got what we came for.  Unfortunatley, we do not think this alien is harmless.  To join the fight against aliens, join Tubbo’s_Own_Aliens2000.  We need all the help we can get to fight off the extraterrestrial forces of those beyond our planet!



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15 responses to “Aliens Are Real

  1. alicia may

    i think that is not true

  2. I still like aliens and i am waiting to see them i belive it and i loved it. Theres no words to say.

    • Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

      You should join Tubbos_Own_Aliens2000. We’ve already got two and a half members.

    • Jennifer Sylvester

      Hi my name is Jennifer Sylvester and I’m 8 years old and I want to believe that aliens are real but that’s not enough proof because the UFOs could have been some kind of paintings and the alien could of been some kind of person in a costume

  3. sarah


  4. this looks real, but i can also tell it is not! How do u do things like this?!?!?

  5. mm

    once i saw a wierd rectanglur thing in the sky and i told my friend to look and it was gone (then he called me crazy or stupid or something like that)

  6. david

    hey how do i know that you didn’t make the images yourself ? that alien image you have is pretty good but it still has that way about it that makes you think its made up .give me a real image and i will believe you

  7. Narasimman

    if i want to see this

  8. Dinesh Kumar

    Every Things is Posebal Say Shri Ram To mother Sita At jangle

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