We Are Lords Of Everything

We thought that that needed clearing up, judging by some of the emails you nerds sent us. We also though that this would be good in our bio, so here you go:

We Rule Everyone. No One Is As Good As Us.

We are better than everyone. We own at everything.

Sometime people say we are “self-centered”. As if we can help being so great. Jealousy just gets the best of some people. But it isn’t easy being this great.

We own everyone at everything. There’s no use in trying to be as good as us because it’s impossible. There aren’t enough words to describe how good we are.

We don’t think there was ever a sentence that used the words “Tubbo’s” and “Bad” together except for “Those Tubbo’s make everyone else look bad.”

If someone says we aren’t perfect, then they are wrong and they will pay. We own everyone. We should just be referred to King Tubbo and Dubba Tubba.

If we ever lost at something, we think the world would end. But as the world hasn’t ended, you know we haven’t lost at anything. But the other day, someone beat us at football. Just kidding, we won like always. We always win.

We love ourselves. If we weren’t us, we’d wish we where.

‘Cause we are Tubbo’s


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