How To Make A Near Tubbo-Quality Fart

We thought that you can’t be a Tubbo Gang Member without knowing how to fart like a Tubbo, so here is a step-by-step process.  Read and enjoy!

1. Drink a carbonated beverage such as Fizzy Water or Soda.

    This one is important to get that Tubbo stomach churning.  It’s sorta like a burp.

    2.  Eat lots of food, preferably eggs or something similar.

    This gives your farts a very distinct flavor.  Oh yeah, and beans work too.

    3.  Wait for a while before you… Use the bathroom.

    Do we really have to explain?

    4. Practice flexing the butt muscles.

    Practice makes perfect… Farts!

    5. Let ‘er rip!

    It feels so good clearing out an entire room!

    Now that you know how to fart, poot, and gas, try it out for yourself!  They wont be quite Tubbo-Quality, but it will be as good as you can be!  For extra fun, try it at fancy parties with upper-class guests!  Fart on, Tubbo Brothers!


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