Guess What! Sonific Songspot Sucks!

We were just minding our own buisness, trying to find ways to make our site more awesome, when we happened upon a Widget that looked cool.  With a name like Sonific Songspot, it has to be cool, right?  Look out, moron!  Looks can be decieving!  We equipped the Widget when we found out that we had to go to their website to choose the song.  We went there, and ran into another problem!  You could not find any of the songs you want!  You would think they’d make selection easy like LimeWire (not that we’d know . . .), but no!  They made it impossible to find any good songs!  All they had was Indie crap and old pop songs from the 90’s . . . the 1890’s. 

But it isn’t we who are mad at these turn of events!  Nope, it’s you, the readers, who should be angry.  We wanted to make a song update every week of The Tubbo Top Song Choices, but because of this poor Widget, you will no longer get this.  Instead, we will make a list of the Top 50 Tubbo Picks.  It will not be nearly as innovative as the playable demos we wanted to release, but it will do.  We guess.

Also, we thought this was a good time to bring the subject up again; if anyone, anyone (even nerds!!) has an idea of a better area to make a website, please let us know.  This blog just isn’t cutting it.  WordPress sucks.  Don’t worry; you will still have acess to this older site, but the newer one will (or should) be much easier to navigate.  Thanks!  And remember to look for our new song post!  Oh, and here is a glimpses of the awfulness of Sonific Songspot:

On a side note, we also got the “CEO” of Songspot angry at us!  Woo-hoo!  We’ve been wanting important figures of the world made at us.  The comment was accidently deleted after we temporarily switched commenting off.  All he did was blame other people anyway, so there wasn’t much to see.


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One response to “Guess What! Sonific Songspot Sucks!

  1. zacharay

    i hole-heardtedly agree tubbo dudes. i used songific spot on my own blog and it didnt even have greenday. it sucks.

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