52 Things That Anger Us

  1. Babysitters who believe in wholesome TV.
  2. Oatmeal that sticks to the bowl.
  3. Little yippee dogs that bark all day long.
  4. Elmo’s World.
  5. Nerds who call you a nerd when you don’t participate in D & D Tournaments.
  6. Teachers who have extremely big chins.
  7. Days when it’s 10 degrees out, pouring rain, and you’re waiting for the school bus.
  8. Days when it’s 75 degrees out and sunny, and you’re waiting for the school bus.
  9. Mailmen who purposely drop your magazine in the mud just because you shot him with a paint-ball gun.
  10. Excessively negative people.
  11. The slurping noise soup makes.
  12. Bird that drop… items on your head.
  13. Finger nail clippers that scatter the clippings everywhere.
  14. People who crunch crackers/cereal/etc. too loud.
  15. Goths.
  16. Gerbils who bite you when you try to pick them up.
  17. A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  18. Cats.
  19. That scraping sound that comes when someone scratches the chalkboard.
  20. The sub who doesn’t let you play games all period.
  21. “I” before “E” except after “C”!  What the heck?!
  22. Little kids who are afraid of the dark.
  23. The Backstreet Boys.
  24. Oprah.
  25. Brittany Spears (This one is special- Not only does she anger us, she scares us as well.)
  26. Having to wait for more than an hour for anything.
  27. Grandpa’s who say, “Back in the day, I had to walk five miles up a hill to get to the library.”
  28. Walking five miles up a hill to get to the library.
  29. Yu-Gi-Oh!
  30. People brag to much.
  31. Those little cheese packets that are always too hard to get undone.
  32. Grammar freaks.
  33. TVs that are so small that you can barely see the picture.  Like anything under a 45 inch.
  34. Trick candles.
  35. “Get Well Soon” cards.
  36. Self-Motivation books.
  37. Miserably Atrocious Computers.
  38. Dinky little cars that would be all-too-easy to crush on your way to work.
  39. That guilty feeling you get when you are sent to the Principle’s Office for starting a fire (hypothetically, of course).
  40. People who say “Dawg”.
  41. Nerds who go on and on about video games.
  42. Mosquitoes.
  43. Rap and Country music.
  44. The color pink.
  45. Suburbia.
  46. Hobos who beg for money.
  47. McDonalds.
  48. Plumbers who claim they can fix your toilet, fail, and then charge you.
  49. People who type “LOL” in every sentence on AIM for no reason.
  50. Salem, Oregon.  
  51. Candles stubs coated with wax.
  52. Poop.

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