The History of a Gangster


Back in the day, Gangsters and Mobsters were not all like “Yo what up Gangsta Broda, what’s happinin’ in da hood?!”. Some of them were very upper class and sophisticated (which is were we steal our look from, e.g. suits and ties). Yes, once gangsters were very respectable, unlike the fakes we see today. Now, we are looking into the history of the Gangster, and seeing what he used to be and what he is today.

Back in the late nineteenth century, Italy was inhabited by The Mafia, or the Italian Mobster. They gained power by holding up family business’s, threatening the government, and paying off the police. Soon many members of the Mafia left Italy for the U.S.A. which is were gangs from NYC “originate” from (if you consider the NYC gangs and the Mafia in the same class- if you don’t, we don’t blame you). The Mafia is also our favorite group of gangs (we can’t wait to join).

There was also a Japanese Gang, widely known as the Yakuza. The Yakuza were a criminal organization much like the Italian Mafia– think of them as the Mafia of Japan. Unlike how the Mafia used firearms and knives, the Yakuza mostly used swords and chains. Some of the Yakuza gangs still exist todayred-steel-20060727104951501-000.jpg.  


There was also an Irish Mafia called… The Irish Mafia. Pretty clever, huh? Though a bit less active, they also were fairly known. They fought against each other, sort of like the Italian Families. Some of them left, partly because of the Great Potato Famine, though not as many left Ireland compared to Italy.

Many countries have mobs and gangs similar to the ones we mentioned. We picked a few of the most known. Many of the gangs today in the U.S. formed because of their ancestors whom we mentioned. As you can see, there are much more to gangs than meets the eye. Plus, we think that the Italian Mafia is awesome.  Well, off to snuff that clerk who decided he didn’t need our “protection”…


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