The Tubbo Apocalypse

Warning: This Post Contains Classified Content. For Those Not Ready, Please Click HERE.

For Those Who Are Ready, Please Continue Reading.

Picture this.  It’s 2020.  The number of the beast (well, no, but you have to admit it adds effect).  Everyone is going about their daily lives, oblivious to the fact that in about one minute, the absolute destruction of the world is going to take place. A woman shrieks and points at the sky.  It’s falling. Red streaks of flame appear and smite down the viewers.  Earthquakes shatter the earth.  Millions are killed in those first few minutes.  Lighting ravages towns.  Is this nuclear war?  Nah, it’s just Tubbo & Dubba Tubba.

In exactly 10 years (at the time of this writing), the ultimate destruction of the world will happen because of two single beings. Tubbo and Dubba Tubba. Yes, we will destroy the world with numerous servants, cunning intellect, and the utmost power including toots, poops, and other means that we deal with our prisoners.  The earth will shatter from seemingly natural disasters (of course, YOU know whose responsible).  Some of you may be thinking, “Gosh! I have no way to defend myself against superior beings such as these!” and you would be right. But fear not, futile ones! There is hope! All you must do too survive beyond the Tubbo Apocalypse and into the New World is send us WordPress donations.  Yep, this is all a big scam for money.

Worry not! We will not forget your loyalty when we are the heads of the earth and beyond.

By The Tubbo Twins

All we need are some of those opra singers from Halo, and this post would give us chills.  We are SO talented.


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